Can Waterproof Speakers Go In The Shower?

Most people wish to spend much time in the shower to relax after a long stressful day at the office. But what could be more pleasant in the shower than hearing music while bathing? Nowadays, it’s likely to use speakers inside bathtubs. A Bluetooth shower speaker possesses one of the best speakers to utilize in a bathroom. These speakers are wireless and rely on Bluetooth technology to work.

You just pair your Bluetooth enabled music player or mobile device to your Bluetooth speaker and relish listening to music or getting phone calls at the warmth of your bathroom.

Waterproof Speakers

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Special characters of speakers used in showers:


It is never troubling to use this speaker even for a first-timer. There is no higher installation wanted to get the speaker working. You do not want to have any specific technical knowledge to manage the speaker as it’s very clear to connect it through Bluetooth.

It appears with easy-to-use buttons that make it straightforward to control it like an expert. The controls make it feasible to adjust different roles as needed. These buttons include volume, responding phone calls and control buttons. Its designated control button enables you to take calls while in the bath such that you won’t risk your smartphone to the wet bath environment.


The most beneficial Bluetooth shower speakers are normally designed to withstand permeation of water into the electronic devices. Some are water-resistant meantime others are entirely waterproof. However, these speakers may differ in features, most of them are IPX8 water-resistant such that you can go underwater with the shower speaker on without it going damaged. If you love singing or listening to music while getting a shower, a Bluetooth speaker that is capable to endure water permeation suffices.


Bluetooth shower speakers are designed to resist dents and pressures. The speaker is normally shockproof and comes with a fixed casing that shields it from damages. Its flexible casing is also created to prevent water penetration such that it cannot get spoiled easily in conditions with a lot of moisture or when immersed in water.

Additionally, regular speakers point to get damaged quickly when put together with other bulky items in a travelling pack. You can take your Bluetooth speaker in a travel bag and you no need to worry about it get damaged, because its powerful cover casing makes them strong and durable.

Portable design

This speaker is normally designed to offer the greatest convenience to the user. The speaker is regularly small in size such that you can still carry it comfortably to the gym, vacation or anywhere else you might be travelling. You’ll only need to select a small pocket in your travelling pack to store the speaker while going. It’s light in weight feature and you can also carry it easily in a purse without adding any weight.

Power saver

Shower speakers are intended to be environment-friendly. This speaker uses very little power such that you can utilize it without any concerns about increased electricity bills. Even though it has higher voice output, it uses less power than other speakers, making it ideal for outdoor use.



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