vtop login, REGISTRATION and more details about vtop.vit.ac.in

VTOP is primarily the software used by the Vellore Institute of Technology to manage a large amount of data from students, parents, teachers, and other stakeholders. The college began using VTOP around mid-September. The uplift in student attendance and administrative efficiency was attributed to it. The system had so many features, that it was perceived to be a little confusing in the initial few weeks. Given here the overview of VTOP Login for Students, Parents, Employee, Alumni.

However, with the familiarization of the features and its usage, students are now able to operate this software with ease and have immense appreciation for this software. A lot of students were not aware of the benefits that they can avail of through VTOP as it is a student login only.

vtop login

Overview of VTOP Login for Students, Parents, Employee, Alumni

vtop login, REGISTRATION and more details about vtop.vit.ac.in<br />
VTOP is a student login, and the students can avail of a lot of benefits through it, from online attendance to online payments, VTOP is used for all these. It can be accessed only via vtop.vep.in website, and from the desktop it is directly linked to the students personal accounts on VTOP.

This software has three options- Self where you can view your attendance status and plan for the day. Parent where you can view your parents’ details and their transactions with the college right from the admission to their requests and payments made by them etc. My transactions where you can view your transaction history with the college right from admissions to classes attended in which period etc.

Step 1: You can search google or any search engine with the term “vtop login”, or “vtop.vit.ac.in”.

Step 2: Click the login link.

Step 3: Enter your details email address and password and click the Sign In button and enjoy surfing.

About vtop login:

This is an online student vtop login, where you can access your class and tuition schedules, attendance status and your academic performance right from your smartphone or desktop. With this app, you can make payment directly on VTOP with just a few clicks of your finger. All the payments whether it is admission fees, classes paid or requests made by parents can be carried out with just a few clicks of the fingers.

VTOP is available for all students who have registered on the college website. This software has been currently being used by students from Vellore Institute of technology for all their transactions at VTOP like admission fees or classes for their sessions, payment for any other things like requests made by parents etc..

Benefits of vtop login: 

The benefits that the students in Vellore Institute of Technology can access through VTOP are:

Online attendance is available online to all students, from anywhere on the globe. Online classes are also available, where your tuition schedule and classes are accessible right from your smartphone. The parents can view their child’s attendance right to his class schedule and tuition schedule over a mobile phone or computer.

The parents can also send a payment to VTOP using their credit/debit card or Transfer via net banking. Upgradation in academic performance by changing your routine study pattern is possible, through online classroom teaching systems in terms of videos.

Final Verdict:

The vtop login and its benefits is something that should be in place in every college all over the country. This software has been able to bring a lot of benefits to all students studying at VTOP, and they are very happy with this new system.

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