6 Ways you can make Video ads that are more engaging

Getting the attention of the customer is completely different than holding it. We certainly cannot deny the importance of videos when it comes to creating higher engaging content. Nowadays you would have seen videos fetching more attention and engagement from customers than with the regular image or text content. Hence the need for video creation is increasing day by day and you would see many marketing companies focusing on video marketing as their primary strategy.

Creating a video is not only about recording a clip of your product or service. It is about what kind of effects and other elements you use to make it more interactive. Nowadays there are tons of apps and tools available in the market that let you create beautiful videos in few seconds easily. All you need to do is to add some of the video clips or images to create beautiful videos. Most of these video-creating apps come with preloaded templates which makes this process much easier. Here we are going to talk about a few of the ways to create engaging videos for your business.

Video ads

Add a hook for the audience

According to the research done by Facebook in the year 2016, it was observed that around 45% of the people who watch the first three seconds of the video continued to watch for at least 30 seconds. This tells us the importance of adding the hook in the intro part of the video. Adding the effective video hook helps to engage the audience visually and also preview the core message of the video. Intro Maker tends to grab the viewer’s attention and generate the interest in rest of the video. Hence it is considered as the potent part of the video.

Create the curiosity

Stimulating the curiosity and leaving a few unanswered questions can create a gap between what the audience knows and what they wish to know more. You can add this curiosity in the video by adding certain questions such as is it gone, how can you be the one, etc.

Tell a story

Telling a story in a video helps you to plant the personal experience and ideas directly from the mind. Powerful stories leave a great impact of empathy since it activates the part of the brain. You can also use the memories to recreate the stories. By weaving the thoughts into the narrative facts help you relate the audience to the topic. This also allows them to relate to the lack of fulfillment.

Make it credible

Trust is an important factor in the world of inbound marketing. It becomes impossible for the viewer to consume the video content if the viewer does not trust you. Nowadays engaging video is the king and to create it you would need to understand human behavior and preference.

Encourage your audience

According to customer psychology, brand preference is known as an emotional decision. Most humans tend to associate with the same personality. Choosing the brand is always considered as choosing the best friend. The customer or the audience should feel good while interacting with the brand the way we feel while interacting with our good old friend. Your videos need to rekindle the warm feelings if you wish to resonate with the viewers. Hope, Happiness, and excitement are known as some of the common emotional aspects that can drive your video content viral.

Show the visuals

Visuals or vision play an important role in displaying the right information about the brand. Our brain tends to learn faster by watching any kind of visual. According to the expert’s visual storytelling helps people to grasp the data and the concept easily. Hence nowadays most marketers include the usage of video narration text, dynamic graphics, real people footage, and popular movie scenes to complement the video.

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