Verizon Fios VS Charter Spectrum: Which is better?

Spectrum and Verizon Fios present a great variety of internet, cable tv, and phone packages. One can choose the package according to his/her needs. Since Charter Communications recently acquired Time Warner Cable and Brighthouse which helped them with their reach expansion. Now Charter Spectrum is the second-largest cable service provider according to the number of subscribers. Whereas Verizon Fios has a comparatively smaller footprint but is the pioneer of taking optic fiber residentially.

Verizon Fios VS Charter Spectrum

We are going to perform a comparison of both the telecom companies to see which is doing better and why.

Here’s a glance at the spectrum and Verizon.



Price Range: $44.99-$44.99 per monthPrice Range: $39.99-79.99 per month
Downloading speed: 100-940 MbpsDownloading speed: 75-940 Mbps
Uploading Speed: 10-35 MbpsUploading Speed: 75-880 Mbps
Technology: CableTechnology: Fiber
Netflix Rating: 6thNetflix Ranking was 5th but it has dropped by 1 point recently.
Spectrum’s Overview:

Spectrum Communications is a broadband internet, cable tv, and phone provider. Its footprint is widespread into 38 states of U.S. Their acquisition of Time Warner Cable has helped them with the reach and made the second largest cable service provider.

Verizon Fios Overview:

Verizon Fios also provides similar services as that of Spectrum. But Verizon offers connectivity with fiber-optic technology. It took the Fiber optic connectivity locally. It is the most widely spread Fiber-optic network of the United States.

No Data cap:

We haven’t found any plan with the data cap offered by both (Spectrum and Verizon Fios)internet service providers. It certainly doesn’t mean that they don’t have any data cap. We would still suggest you do your own plan research before getting yourself a deal.

Spectrum’s Installation

Verizon Fios Installation

Spectrum’s installation process is quite straight forward. As plans offered by Spectrum are of “cable”, they require the coaxial cable television outlet to be plugged into a modem.

Households with internal wiring can also self-install the modem by following the instructions provided by Charter Spectrum. But the households with external wiring or those who need to upgrade will need the assistance of a certified technician.

Certainly, Spectrum does charge installation fees from the customers who are unsure about their ability to install the router. This little extra installation fee certainly simplifies the process.

Verizon Fios offers fiber optic connectivity, which for the new customers requires installation from a certified technician. But if you have had fiber service installed previously then one can also fix it on his own.

If you choose to go for the professional installation service, Verizon Fios’s technician will wire your location to the Verizon network through fiber optic cables. They install a fiber optic box with which your Fios router is connected for internet connectivity.

If your location hasn’t had Fios before, then the cable guy would require permission to run Ethernet or coaxial cable to get your setup first.

Spectrum or Verizon Fios: Who offers the best internet?

Fiber optic is the latest technology which offers better speeds than that of the cable internet. Verizon Fios’ lowest package (which is of $39.99) offers speeds up to 100 Mbps. Plus with term agreement, Verizon Fios also offers interesting discounts. Things that make Verizon Fios so special is its no data cap thing, excellent customer service, and amazing bundle deals.

Internet providers in my area weren’t so efficient and failed to provide all the above-mentioned things. But then with the help of local cable deals, I came across Verizon Fios and thought of giving it a try. I must say it was totally worth every buck spent on it.

Spectrum TV or Verizon TV?

Spectrum is known for its wide footprint across 38 states of USA. All of their plans are free of data cap and contractual terms. One can enjoy high-quality cable tv and internet speeds of up to 110-940 Mbps with Charter Spectrum if Fiber optic doesn’t cover their area. Spectrum is one of my personal favorite cable TV and internet service providers which has great coverage and reliable service.

Which connection is best for Channel customization?

Well, for channel optimization I found Verizon Fios more efficient than that of the Charter Spectrum. It offers a plan which allows you to choose channels according to your interests. You can also opt add-ons by paying a little extra.

All in all both of these Telecom service providers are best in their own domains. Where Verizon has fiber optic technology but a limited footprint, Spectrum has Cable technology but a larger footprint due to their recent acquisitions. Both have their own pros and cons, but both of them are the safest options when it comes to TV, internet, and phone.

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