5 Creative Uses of Old Mattress for Home Improvement

Most sleep experts suggest that mattresses need to be changed every 6 to 8 years. However, a lot of it depends on the quality and material of the mattress you are sleeping on and the way you take care of it. While most innerspring mattresses may last up to 10 years with proper care, memory foam mattresses may survive for up to 15 years whereas some hybrid mattress makers even provide a warranty of as much as 20 years. To be on the safer side, get rid of your old mattress if you come across conditions like noisy springs, lumps, severe bug infestation, sagging surface, frayed edges, etc.

Mattress that is plush and comfortable always comes at a good price and although one needs to get rid of their old mattresses at regular intervals, the question that remains is- “what to do with an old mattress?” While a large number of people may simply consider tossing it out of their homes, others may want to make good use of their once prized mattress and use it to increase the beauty of their homes. We have therefore come up with a handy list of some of the best ways in which you can reprocess your old mattress without much hassle.

uses of old mattress

#01 Place it in the Backyard

Old mattresses work great as cushion support for your kids. Just place the mattress in your backyard or garden and let it serve as a protective layer to prevent falls and injuries. Kids who like to jump around on the bed and try out their wrestling moves will love the support that the mattress provides. Assigning the worn-out mattress as the new gym or trampoline for your kids will also prevent them from using the mattress on your bed for the same purpose. Such mattresses are also great for movie nights where you use a projector in the backyard to screen a movie that you can watch with your family in the backyard mattress. However, it is crucial that you make sure that the mattress is free from any sort of accumulated allergens or bug infestation as these can create a number of health problems and in worst cases, spread into your new mattresses.

#02 Be Artistic

Although it goes without saying, repurposing your old mattress for the sake of home improvement demands that you bring out the artist inside you. Old mattresses, especially larger ones are considered great as canvases for art. Use the ample space on your mattresses to create art pieces with geometric patterns, color splash techniques, mandala, graffiti, etc. Such pieces increase the appeal of the house when placed against a wall. If you are unsure about doing the work yourself, hire professionals, or even let amateur artists try out their hand.

#03 Break it Apart

A comfortable and supportive mattress is one of the most important things required for a good night’s sleep. But it is better to disassemble an old one when it is out of use, especially in a small household. Old mattresses can be broken down into several parts and used individually to beautify your house. Such mattresses can be turned into several smaller cushions, pillows, or seats that look innovative and save you a lot of money. The stuffing used in the mattress can also be turned into creative soft toys that are great for kids. The wooden support of your mattress provides a great opportunity for the enthusiastic woodworker in your family to create sculptures, puppets, racks, etc. The metallic framework of crib mattresses can be placed against walls and used to hang several objects like tableware, stationery, clothes, photo frames, etc. Creative individuals can even turn this network into fancy chandeliers to hang lights or use them as a vertical garden. Breathe a new life into your garden or balcony by placing planters in the framework or by allowing creepers to cover up space.

#04 Use it for Composting

Using a discarded mattress for composting is perhaps one of the best uses for old mattresses that are beyond being turned into anything else. The stuffing used in the mattress, be it cotton or foam, is considered great for providing the warmth needed for turning kitchen waste and other vegetation into useful fertilizer. What’s best is that you can make full use of the mattress by repurposing the wooden slats into the bin where the actual composting takes place. Old organic mattresses are particularly great for such purpose due to its 100% natural content. In any case, you will be doing a great favor to the environment by naturally decomposing it rather than increasing the earth’s burden by discarding it into landfills. Old mattresses are a menace to landfill sites, particularly in the US were an estimated 40 million old mattresses and box springs are disposed of every year.

#05 Salvage the Springs

We have already listed how a network of springs from discarded innerspring mattresses can be repurposed to accommodate a great number of decorative items but individual springs on their own can also turn out to be excellent holders. These springs of an old mattress are probably one of the most reusable parts as these can easily be used for a number of decorative ideas. From bird nest crafts to wine bottle holders and from pen stands to flower vases, these sturdy and malleable springs can be used in an abundance of different ways. A set of such springs can be crafted into pieces that can be used to create toys, hold cutlery, hang jewelry, place photos, fit candles, create wind chimes, etc. Be it your kitchen or living room, garden, or bathroom, these twisting pieces of metals can be used anywhere to increase the overall beauty of the house. Let the creative horses of your mind run free and produce whatever your imagination conceives.

Bottom line:

While it’s a great feeling to recreate a decorative and useful item from a discarded old mattress, one should always strive to take good care of your mattress to make it last longer. Make sure you clean it every now and then, use a protector, regularly flip the mattresses that do not have sides assigned and use the correct mattress with respect to your weight to prevent additional wear and tear. Go through this informative post to select the right mattress for overweight people. We are hopeful that the steps we mentioned above will help you make good use of your precious mattress and create a cordial interior for your home.

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