Travis Scott Net worth, age, height, Instagram, wiki and lesser known facts

Travis Scott is a famous singer, songwriter, and rapper, and he is born in Jacques webster. In 2012 he signed the more popular label-deal with epic records. At the year-end, he became the most popular pop-star in the country. His father is a businessman, and his mother has worked in some companies. After “man’s 90’s” rape videos, he got an interest in the music. At the 17th age, he is making musical beats. In 2009, he released the EP on MySpace with his friend Chris Holloway. These projects have had many successes in the industry.

Travis scott Net worth, age, height, Instagram, wiki and lesser known facts

Travis Childhood Days

He spent his early life in Missouri city with his lovable grandmother. He studied at Elkins high school, and he graduated in 2007. And continuously, he got a graduation degree from Texas University. Furthermore, Scott dropped his college life, and when he entered the music career. He put his maximum effort into the music industry. Unfortunately, his parents stopped supporting Scott financially. At that time, Scott faces more struggles in his life.

Scott’s Career        

After college dropping, he joined in the music classes in New York City. In the beginning, he fixed the aim of becoming a good record producer, and he always focused on hip hop production. In New York City, he spent his time in the blazing studio. And Scott’s close long-time partner is Chris Holloway. Then both launched two albums in 2008, and it is the first EP on the online networking site. A certain period of life goes very lonely and sadly in his life. He affected both financially, professionally, and personally. Some of the days, there is nothing momentum not happening in Scott’s life, which brings the unfortunate things in Scott’s life.

Major Works

Travis Scott does many notable works in his life, and the highest-charting single brings many awards and success for Travis. Scott’s released the second album as ”Birds in the Trap sing McKnight’ which made the major hit and reaffirmed dominance as a singer and rapper. The Universal Music Publishing group provides a big deal.

Travis scott net worth

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Personal Information

Real NameJacques Bermon Webster II
Date of BirthApril 30, 1992 ( Houston, Texas, USA )
Age28 Years as of December 2020
EducationElkins High School

The University of Texas at San Antonio

ProfessionSinger, Songwriter, rapper
Relationship StatusKylie Jenner (2017–2019)

2020- Not Known

Net Worth$40 Million USD estimated
NationalityUnited States
Social MediaInstagram – travisscott

Twitter – trvisxx

Record Deals

Scott and OG chess is the schoolmate of Scott who formed the classmate’s group. His first and full-length project is the mix-tape with owl pharaoh titles, and it is available online for free download. But the project was released with a long delay, and Mike Dean and Kanye West recreate it. The clearance issues delayed it. He released the remix tracks in good music. Young Chop produced the famous song with the help of Scott.

Social Media Account

Scott is active in social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and others. And he had millions of followers for each account. There are more fans and followers are present on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. In 2015, he achieved many epic records in that period. And he became the more popular star in many countries. His albums are sold in massive amounts, and then people mostly wanted Scott’s songs only. He is one of the best pop singers compared to other singers. “Pick up the phone” was famous in the industry. He makes many running albums, songs, and other activities that are present in the industry. He had more young generation followers, and his fans had tremendous happiness when they heard Scott’s songs. And he also announced many executive projects in the same year.

Travis Scott Instagram

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Struggles in Scott’s life

He was born and grew up in a very middle-class family and the suburban area is bordering southwest Houston. He lives with his grandmother in the starting life, and after a few months, he gets back to the suburbs. Furthermore, he is studying in the local elementary school. At the 16th age, he started his musical career. There are many financial disputes and personal conflicts that led to the disbandment of the group. He did not complete his graduation because he dropped out as a student in the college days. There is no support for Scott; after he brings many experiences and struggles, he gets a successful life.

Play station

In the year 2020, in October month Scott announced the PlayStation with the creative partner’s help. And they released much select merchandise, which is the unseen version of Duck Lows. They also upload many unboxing videos on his PlayStation. And the video had many features such as footage and others.


Scott had many girlfriends because of his pop songs, and he is dating with television star and entrepreneur in February month. But many sparking rumors are present on social media. And these rumors bring reconciliation. Moreover, Scott had many beliefs about his religious orientation. There are many religious themes in everything in the play station. He makes numerous audio manipulation effects such as phasing, auto-tune, delays, and other stereo-sculpted, including the harmony structures. He avoids some unnatural things in his songs, and he mostly loves the natural things only for his music.

Unknown things about Scott

Everyone knows his musical life subsequently changed his whole life, but he had two things. There he extends beyond his friends and family. And one of the most significant controversies is that Scott dated Rhianna within a short period. The details of their relationships are maintained with strange things. But many newspapers and outlets are speculated about things.

Drummer and Piano Player

Travis Scott is a pop singer and a piano and drums player at three years old. He had more practice for the drums and piano plays and two years, and he took the training for the drums and piano playing. These practices make Scott a famous player. And he planned many self-released plans.

Button line

Scott also faces many hilarious struggles in his life, but he doesn’t give up his faith and hope. He ran dash facing his works. Travis Scott is the inspiration for more young people. Moreover, the youngster will like the Travis hard work, style, and music.

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