Top rated tourist attractions in Newcastle

Newcastle is the capital city of northeast of England and this makes it such a diverse place. There are many tourist attraction sites in this area some of which you cannot afford to miss out.  Newcastle is a city that possesses huge shopping centers, museums, art galleries, and monuments. There is more information about places to visit and things that you can do while in Newcastle here at places to visit in Newcastle. Here are some of the favorite tourist attractions.

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The Tyne bridges

This is usually the first stop for people visiting Newcastle for the first time. Even from a far the Tyne bridges are such a breathtaking sight. They are built across the river Tyne and they are seven bridges in total. The bridges are built in such a way that they go around Newcastle. The oldest bridge is the High Level Bridge and it dates back to 1849. The most popular is the Tyne bridge and it was opened in 1925 by King George V. It has quite a large arch.

Newcastle castle

Your visit to Newcastle is not complete without you having gone to explore one of the most beautiful ancient castles. This is one place that will definitely fascinate you. The castle is quite old and was started in 1080. As you feast your eyes on all the wonders that you will find inside this castle you will come across the Kings Chambers and the Norman chapel. There are also archeological artifacts that are displayed along the way. The castle offers breathtaking views of the city beneath. If you are lucky enough you might catch one of the many events that are held at the castle.

The old city Chares

The chares is an old city that is located on the east of the Tyne Bridge. It is a great place to explore. You can take a walk as you marvel at the many things that are present in this old city. For instance, there is the breakneck stairs, the castle stairs, and the long stairs. Similarly, there are some historic buildings that you will come along on the way such as Trinity house and the customs house.

Eldon Square shopping center

During your visit, you will need a place that you can buy some nice souvenirs to take back home. Eldon Square shopping center should be your next stop. Here you will find walkways that are packed with designer boutiques, shops, restaurants, and cafes. Just close by the Eldon square, there is a Chinese district. It has great restaurants that serve various Chinese cuisines. You might want to stop by and indulge in some delicious Chinese meals.

Discovery Museum

The Discovery Museum is one of the most interesting museums in Newcastle. There are exhibits of many machines some of which date back to many years. For instance, displays of traditional windmills, steam engines, and modern jet turbines are among the many machines that are in the museum. You will come across a locomotive that was built in 1830 by George Stephenson.

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