Tina Nguyen Instagram, age, height, fitness, wiki, bio and lesser known facts

Tina Nguyen was born on January 5, 1992. She is 28 years old as of this year and Tina Nguyen is his real name. A fascinating fact is that Tina Nguyen was born under a horoscope sign of Capricorn. That means that even Tina Nguyen’s often favours the stars. He’s happy with his job and he’s still trying his best. This is why most people know Tina Nguyen as an amazing fan base with a prominent INSTAGRAM STAR. Their help led to his long-term career ambitions.

Tina NguyenImage credit Tina Nguyen Instagram 

Tina Nguyen Instagram, age, height, fitness, wiki, bio and lesser-known facts

Real NameTina Nguyen
Date of Birth
5 January 1992
Place of BirthVietnam
ProfessionBodybuilder, Fitness Model, Influencer
Age28 Years as on Nov 2020
Height160 cm
Relationship StatusNot Known
Social MediaInstagram – @ tinang13

Twitter – @ tina_nguyen


The African-American father and Vietnamese mother Tina was born in Vietnam. At the age of 13, the family chose to travel to the USA – Dallas, Texas. Tina says that she found it difficult to “fit” in American society at first. She spent a lot of time reading and training and found the fitness centre an ideal haven. She studied science and graduated in this field as an associate. Afterwards, she started working in immobilisation and graduated in nursing.

Tina Nguyen Instagram

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Convinced of Rivalry

Even though she liked to go to the fitness centre as a young adult, before she was 20 she was not taking the sports seriously. By that time her real love for weightlifting and working out had created an unbelievable physique. Since her physical condition continued to improve, her friends started suggesting that she would compete. She took up her challenge and qualified easily for the 2013 Texas State Championships.

Growing Through the Ranks

After lining up along with 26 other amateur athletes at this famous competition in Dallas, she was identified among those who had qualified for the NPC nationals. Unfortunately for her however these nationals clashed with her university degree. That’s why Tina took a while to finish her studies before heading directly for 2014 NPC nationals. At this competition, Tina Nguyen stole the show and won the winner trophy.

Through this victory, she managed to earn her Pro Card, which is rare for a first time competitor. Her first performance at the IFBB Europa Dallas was. She succeeded in finishing second in the show – an excellent achievement for the first time a professional competitor. After this win, Tina agreed that it was time for personal training back and forth. She began advising female customers on the correct technology and set up an online training company that would help to shape their physics by developing models and competitors.


1. Strong and definite

In some places, Tina exercises extensively and concentrates on increasing her muscle mass. She likes to see her hard work results in the fitness centre and feels women should be sexy and muscular.

2. Routine exercise

The training regimen of Tina follows a split muscle group that involves 3 days of workouts on leg muscles. This factor has been included as she wants to strengthen her glutes and quads to the maximum extent possible. Below is the routine.

  1. Monday: triceps and biceps – 3 sets, 25 reps (arms)
  2. Tuesday: Glutes and Hamstrings – 6 sets 25-50 reps (leg)
  3. Wednesday: Lower back and lats 3 sets, 25 reps (back)
  4. Thursday: Off
  5. Friday: 3 sets, 20 reps (shoulders and calves)
  6. Saturday: Glutes and quadriceps – 5 sets, 20-30 reps (legs)
  7. Sunday: Off

Beginners’ Tips and Cardio

With her training, Tina loves to help other women. She talks about some tips to get her fitness journey started as soon as possible. It isn’t easy, but it will slowly make you work harder and become an incredible hobby.” Tina is twice a day to cardiovascular completion. She performs a range of cardio workouts including jogging, using the spin bike and HIIT. For her figure, Tina said she needed it.

As Nutrition

Tina places great importance on hydration, so she drinks every day litres of water. It is valued as a way of enhancing protein synthesis, but also because it completes cardio twice a day. This HIIT produces abundant sweat, so it needs to regularly replace its fluids.

Food Plan: Tina eats a really balanced diet. She focuses on her daily requirements for macronutrients, eating lots of eggs, chicken and lean beef. Sometimes she has tilapia in her hands to mix things a little.

The Tina Nguyen meal schedule is below.

  1. First food: egg whites and oats
  2. Second food: asparagus carbs and 4oz.
  3. Third food: Shake protein
  4. Fourth food: chicken and sweet potato
  5. Fifth food: Asparagus and Lean Sirloin
  6. Sixth food: Shake protein

About the boyfriend of Tina Nguyen

Right now, Tina Nguyen has no boyfriend.

Who’s dated Tina Nguyen?

Tina Nguyen tries to keep their love and personal life private, so check back frequently as we keep this page updated with news and news about dating.

Boyfriends Tina Nguyen: She had at least 1 before. Tina Nguyen was not engaged before. We are searching for information on previous dates and hook-ups at the moment. Online dating history rumours may differ from Tina Nguyens. While finding out who is dating from Tina Nguyen is relatively easy, it is hard to track its flings, hookups and break-ups

What can Tina Nguyen tell us?

Tina had moved to a foreign country to find out that she was part of the gym. This place of refuge became the place to begin her new career. She demonstrated a devotion to the gym that her company matched in business – turning into an immobiliser. It would be beneficial to demonstrate the commitment that Tina has shown if you want to make your mark in the fitness field. Maybe with your workout workouts you need to play your career – but in the end, it can pay off.

Final Words

Hence the article highlights the famous Fitness and figures competitor Vietnamese IFBB Pro who was named Figure Texas Fitness Athlete of the Year in 2014. Tina Nguyen with her Wiki (Wikipedia), Background, Age, DOB, Information, Films, HD Photos and Biodata, Biomass, Family, Parents, Husband, Daughter. For more changes or revisions, please post your remarks below. Thanks for Reading!!

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