3 Things to Think About Before Getting a Cat

Are you a cat person with a hole in your heart that only a feline can fill? Cats make great pets, they’re low maintenance, live well in small spaces, don’t need walking, and they’re so cute! A cat can enrich your life, giving you a friend to play with if you’re living alone, and they also make great family pets.

There are a lot of choices to make when it comes to your cat. What breed do you want? Is your cat going to be indoors or outdoors? Are you going to get a rescue or a pedigree animal? To make all these choices, it is good to be well informed. So, here are a few things to know before getting your cat!

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Breeder or Shelter?

The decision has been made; you want a cat. But where from? If you have a specific breed in mind, a breeder might be the right option. However, remember that this might be a more expensive alternative especially if you go for a pedigree breed. If you care about your cat’s appearance and character, getting a specific breed is a safer solution. A breeder also can give you assurance of receiving a kitten as quickly as possible.

However, shelters are becoming more and more popular. Cats from shelters are sometimes pre-owned but there are also plenty of strays and abandoned animals. By adopting from a shelter, you will have the knowledge that you have helped an animal who may have been mistreated or harmed and who may otherwise not find a home.

What Breed?

Breeds differ greatly, so consider researching what breed may fit your wants and requirements best. For example, Ragdoll cats are typically gentle and affectionate with their name coming from their ability to fall limp when picked up. They are great for largely indoor living.

Abyssinians, while still affectionate tend to be more active and inquisitive. Do Cats Understand No: A Guide to Training Your New Cat might come in handy with an Abyssinian, due to their renowned intelligence and often dog-like propensity for loyalty and commands.

Can You Be Committed To Your Cat?

Cats, unlike dogs, don’t require daily walks or training. However, cats do still need regular feeding and attention if you wish to have a happy and healthy animal. Before buying a cat, you need to consider whether you will have time to take care of another animal and if you can provide the income to maintain an animal. Remember that your cat may need visits to the vet.

It is also important to remember that cats can live anywhere between 10-20+ years and moving a cat can harm them due to their nature as territorial animals, so it might be good to know that you won’t need to leave or move your cat for the foreseeable future.

Cats are amazing, fun, and adorable animals, but like any other living being, they require care and love. By doing your research, getting a cat could be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make!

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