Tell Us Your Zodiac Sign And We’ll Recommend A Career For You

Ah, the humble horoscope. These little fortunes have been as maligned as they have been celebrated over the years, which is a shame. Your horoscope can often contain genuinely useful information about what you should do with your day or your week, and the scientific accuracy debate has overshadowed what should be a nice little symbolic way to figure out how to live your life.

One of the ways you can let your horoscope work for you is to use it to choose your career. Your horoscope will tell you some of your most prominent personality traits; you’re fiery, feisty, reluctant, or sociable, and all of these things can feed into your career choice. Whether you’re on the fence about a new job or you’re comfortable, tell us your Zodiac sign and we’ll recommend a career for you.

Tell Us Your Zodiac Sign And We’ll Recommend A Career For You

Aquarius – January 20th-February 18th – Career coach

If you’re an Aquarius, then you’re adaptable, malleable, and ready for anything. This makes you the perfect choice for a career coach. You can help anyone in their chosen profession, and you’re the one to advise them. You could also consider being a therapist; you’ll be able to react and adapt appropriately to anyone’s problems, no matter how varied.

Pisces – February 19th-March 20th – Writer

Pisces people are all about creativity. Your imagination as a Pisces runs wild, and that means you’re capable of anything when it comes to the arts. As such, you’re probably best suited as a writer, inventing entire worlds with a stroke of your pen (or a flourish of the keyboard). As a secondary career, if you’re no good with words, consider becoming an artist.

Aries – March 21st-April 19th – Entrepreneur

Do you constantly exhibit authoritative and dominating traits? If so, you’re likely an Aries, and you should definitely be starting a business endeavor of your own. It’s likely that nobody else’s business plan works for you; you’re far too dedicated and committed to being an overseer to let anyone else ruin your carefully-crafted plans for victory. You could also look into management if you’re this sign.

Taurus – April 20th-May 20th – Financial advisor

Intuition, financial nous, and intellect are Taurus’ strengths. If you’re a Taurus, you’re best suited to being a financial advisor. You’re so careful and clever with your own money that you’re well-suited to telling others how to handle theirs. If you’re not a financial advisor material, you could also become an accountant or perhaps even a career coach.

Gemini – May 21st-June 21st – Lecturer

Nobody thrives on the thrill of public debate more than a Gemini does. As a lecturer, you’re constantly hearing new and fresh opinions on subjects from an eternal revolving door of students. Challenging your charges and making them think differently about their world is your lot. Alternately, you could become a politician, since debate and intellectualism are your strengths.

Cancer – June 21st-July 22nd – Doctor

As a Cancer, you excel in bedside manner. You are simply brilliant at caring for people, talking to them, and understanding their problems. You’d make an excellent doctor; your surgical skills will complement your intimate, personable manner and make you someone by whom people want to be treated. Alternately, consider becoming a therapist.

Leo – July 23rd-August 22nd – Team leader

You’ll need to climb the ranks as a Leo, because – appropriately enough, given your name – nobody makes a better leader than you. There’s always an idea in your head about how to proceed with any given task, and you’re better than most at implementing those ideas. Any position that requires leadership suits you perfectly – team leader, CEO, or even lead singer.

Virgo – August 23rd-September 22nd – Detective

Your sharp eye for detail has made you the toast of your friends as a Virgo. You’re infinitely observant, able to notice the smallest thing out of place in a situation and turn it to your advantage. Virgos make excellent detectives, not least because this is a job with a lot of paperwork and ancillary tasks, and Virgos can dedicate themselves to those aspects, too. You’d also make an excellent proofreader.

Libra – September 23rd-October 22nd – Actor

All dramatic productions need a Libra to grace them with their presence. Libras make brilliant actors and performers; though they’re not always dramatic in their personal lives, they are always able to turn things into performances or draw from their personal experiences in order to augment their craft. You’d make a great musician, actor, or playwright.

Scorpio – October 23rd-November 21st – Psychologist

Scorpio brings with it an innate understanding of human emotion and psychology. As a Scorpio, you’ve often got a good, clear idea of why people think and do the things they do. Scorpios are friends for life, so they make fantastic therapists, never growing too close to their client but always knowing the right thing to say. They’re also uniquely poised to study humans in a scientific capacity.

Sagittarius – November 22nd-December 21st – Wildlife conservationist

If you’re a Sagittarius, you work best when you’re unfettered by rules and regulations. You surround yourself with people who’ll let you do your own thing and not try to restrict or punish you for falling out of line. As such, you’re best suited to a job that meets your wild, free personality. Wildlife conservation is perfect for you. There’s also a place for you in free-thinking companies with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Capricorn – December 22nd-January 19th – Stockbroker

As a Capricorn, you want nothing more in life than to succeed and climb the ladder. A job with an infinite capacity to show your skill and advance through the ranks is perfect for you. Stockbroking gives you the opportunity to be excellent in the workplace and demonstrate superiority, making it your ideal job as a Capricorn. Alternately, anything with a corporate structure would suit you.

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