Top 5 Tech Providers in Kenya

Africa is currently a major site of development. The rate at which Africa is progressing is far greater than any other continent. At present, Africa is a region where tourism due to its wildlife is at its peak, while its marketing infrastructure is reaching new heights. So many companies with goals of technological discoveries are emerging with time.

Kenya is the biggest hub of technology in Africa right now. The country is making great progress every day. Through great investments and full support from the government, entrepreneurs are taking great steps to bring innovation to the region. The region’s prosperity is a large part of these entrepreneurs’ struggles.

Nowadays, many companies are opening up in Kenya. Many more companies are expanding their businesses into the country. Due to its highly advanced infrastructure and open market potential, organizations are spending their resources to develop a mutual relationship with the country’s government and people alike. From basic computer software to broadcasting services like DSTV Kenya, these are the biggest tech providers in Kenya based on their objectives and former success.

Tech Providers in Kenya

1. Microsoft

Bill Gates’ first story of a lifelong tale, Microsoft, is one of Kenya’s biggest companies right now. The company made a breakthrough in software development through Windows. Since then, the company has achieved unimaginable heights of success. Every year, Microsoft creates a new milestone in its development and keeps breaking the records it created itself.

It is impossible to ignore Microsoft’s contribution to Kenya’s development. The company’s products for laptops and computers alone are enough to elaborate on Microsoft’s importance in Kenya. Apart from Windows, the company’s renowned Microsoft Office brings innovation to the corporate world. It also provides students with the opportunity to learn and become certified from Microsoft. Learn more about Exchange Online Migration and SharePoint Migration to Azure.

Therefore, its software holds an integral value in Kenya. Microsoft also has its regional office in the country, making communication and logistics between the two countries easier.

2. Cisco Systems

Cisco became one of America’s biggest business conglomerates in 1990, and the company’s success only grew in time. Two computer scientists from Stanford, known as the pioneers of LAN networking, were the company’s brains and pitched the idea forward. Today, Cisco is one of the biggest hardware and software companies in the world. Many leading companies rely on Cisco’s products for excellent performance and longer durability.

Today, Cisco’s business is found in many countries. Cisco doesn’t shy away from creating its extensions in developing countries and always brings innovation to the market. Whether it be India or Kenya, Cisco is a brand that proves its performance everywhere. Like Microsoft, Cisco also has a large supply of its products in Kenya.

Although there are several competitors in the market, Cisco has an established business in Kenya now. It also has its office in Nairobi, thereby providing an equal opportunity for its development too.

3. Samasource

Samasource is a company based in California. Through extensive work in data collection and organization, Samasource provides work in less privileged areas. It also offers tech work of other sorts. The company provides education in basic computer skills to the workers. , Samasource provides healthcare education, scholarships for needy students, professional skills development, microloan programs, and mentoring sessions for new entrepreneurs.

Samasource also operates in Kenya. It is one of the most successful industries there and provides employment and substantial education to many individuals. There isn’t much competition for Samasource there, so the company has one less thing to worry about.

4. Uber

Transit is a major issue in developing countries. Not every country can develop smart transit ideas like developed countries. In such cases, digital transit services like Uber are a life-saver. The introduction of Uber in such countries has been a major help in different ways. They provide a safe and cost-effective method of transportation. Moreover, the introduction of other services like UberEats made small-scale businesses profitable.

In addition to providing quality services, the company’s office is situated in Nairobi. There, qualified individuals have a chance to introduce improvements to the company. Uber achieved success and expanded vastly over the past few years. It faces competition from some other companies, but the company dominates in the country due to its quality.

5. Techno Brain

Sometimes, companies might run into scenarios where there are several outcomes to a single decision. In such a case, companies may turn to a professional consultation company for help. Techno Brain is a company that provides quality consultation to entrepreneurs and business corporations. Apart from providing advisory to new investors, Techno Brain advises companies on further expansions in their business.

The company was founded in 1997 in Abu Dhabi. Since then, the growth of the Techno Brain has been exponential. The company provides services in over 17 African countries, including Kenya. As there are no other companies from the same field, Techno Brain has no competitors to look out for in the market. While many companies made it their own, Techno Brain was why many reputable small-scale Kenyan businesses became successful.

Many other brands are establishing their name in Kenya. But these companies have a firm hold in Kenya’s technological market. There are several reasons for their success in their country, but not many companies can challenge them. As a result, Kenya has a very small competition between companies now, but nobody knows if the market will ever expand here.

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