Is Surrogacy Legal in Cancun? Regulations, Process & Cost

A surrogacy program often becomes the only hope for gay or lesbian couples or people with reproductive problems to have children. Unfortunately, surrogacy is prohibited in many countries. Since the World Center of Baby surrogacy Mexico firmly believes that any person has the right to have the family they dream of. No matter where in the world you live, our agency in Mexico is happy to offer its services to all groups of the population around the world.

Surrogacy Legal in Cancun

Cost of Surrogacy in Mexico: How Much to Pay

At World Center of Baby, we provide gestational services to different couples. We are convinced that all people have an equal right to become parents. The cost of services starts from $73,000 to $107,000, which is relatively low compared to other countries.

Surrogacy in Mexico: What to Expect

Our best experts are always open to everyone from all over the world. Thanks to this, we were able to provide perfect assistance to couples from different countries of the world. The experience gained has allowed us to become familiar with the procedures of the embassies of various countries and to develop a convenient process for all future parents undergoing our programs. Once you choose to take part in a surrogacy program, your World Center of Baby coordinator will guide you through the process right up to the end.

What Surrogacy Agency in Mexico to Choose

When choosing treatment tactics, an individual approach is used to achieve results even in the most difficult cases of infertility. With guaranteed surrogacy programs, World Center of Baby makes all our clients happy. Regardless of how many attempts you had, we don’t stop until we get the result and you can take your child home.

What You Need to Know about Surrogacy Laws in Mexico

Future parents are advised to cooperate with a surrogacy clinic, which guarantees both medical and legal support of the process. Consultations of psychologists working in centers of this type will help biological parents and surrogate mothers to understand all the possible consequences and risks.

One of these centers is the World Center of Baby. This clinic, which specializes in the treatment of all types of infertility, has a surrogacy program that has already helped hundreds of couples become parents of healthy babies. With the help of modern medical equipment, infertility treatment is carried out using methods of assisted reproductive technologies.

Is Surrogacy Legal in Cancun? What Are the Laws There?

Yes, it is legal as a law forum states. However, it is important to take care of the legal side of the issue, given the fairly high price of the service.

In order to protect themselves, the parties often draw up a contract where the exact conditions, payment, and penalties are prescribed in case of unforeseen situations. This agreement has legal force and can be used in court if one of the parties tries to violate it.

The document can specify individual conditions for both a surrogate mother and genetic parents. As a rule, the contract is drawn up by specialized agencies such World Center of Baby or lawyers who have experience in such cases.

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