What is better for your future: to invest your money in studying or in cryptocurrency. Which option will give you happy retirement?

The question becomes serious when it comes to your financial future, preferably a prosperous one. Of course, everyone wants to know that “money works” and is not wasted. Especially when it comes to thousands of dollars, or more. What will give the best ROI – cryptocurrencies or education? Let’s study this tricky question.

Are you a teenager who has not graduated yet or are you just thinking about getting an additional degree? Are you an enthusiast interested in how to make the right “investment in your future”? You’ve already graduated, but think you’ve wasted your time? Do you think your skills need to be improved?

In this article, we will consider many opinions both about cryptocurrency opportunities in terms of earning money and about the prospects for education.

studying Cryptocurrency

Let’s start with education:

Even 100 years ago, not many were able to get an education. Not even all of our parents and grandparents have “diplomas” or any other document confirming they studied some subject, right?

The more accessible education became – the faster myths that it is “the key to success” and “necessary for everyone” took root all around the world.

In the last 10-15 years, people started to rethink their priorities regarding the importance of university education.

And, if no one argues about the fact that the school curriculum is necessary and important for the development of a child as a person, then universities and colleges have come under a big question. In the school educational process, only 30% is occupied by the acquisition of knowledge itself. The rest of the time we are working on socialization and developing skills to work on the problem.

The problem with the fact that a huge number of people rushed to universities led to the following – the labor market needs a much smaller number of specialists than graduates from universities and colleges every year. The reason is global academic inflation, which depreciates each of the diploma-holder separately. As a result, there are many bachelors and doctors in the world who drive taxis or work in cafes.
Let’s consider such an example: Brian Kaplan, who spent 40 years on getting his doctorate, published a book called “The Case Against Education” – about the pitfalls of modern education, all kinds of myths about its benefits and how it gradually becomes fiction.

There is a general belief that education opens career doors. If you have a degree, for example, you may get a higher position and significantly raised salary, but this is not always and not entirely true. For sure if a person aims for a cool job just after school, he is unlikely to be taken seriously. The current realities are such that a diploma from a prestigious university or college less and less often symbolizes a ticket to a happy and rich future. On the contrary, students from the most famous colleges in the world graduate with a thousand of dollars in loans for their studies and inflated expectations from their future careers. According to research by the World Talent Bank, more and more often people who have taken out a loan for education are unable to pay it off. What’s more, the employees often don’t use the knowledge they received in higher education in their work.


Famous people also make speeches about using the money for education wisely. For example, Elon Musk suggests that those who enter colleges should be more thoughtful about the process of acquiring knowledge.

Currently, technology and society develops so fast, that it is difficult to concentrate on learning according to the previous standards and needs. You’d probably struggle to motivate yourself for learning some other subjects when such interesting innovative prospects as, for example, cryptocurrencies appear, and you are highly interested in it.

So, cryptocurrencies: Is it possible to secure your retirement by investing in cryptocurrencies?

To secure your retirement, you need to think about a stable income first.

Cryptocurrencies are high-risk assets. However, with a careful approach to studying it, market analysis, and strategy it can potentially bring a couple of digits percent profit.

To start earning with cryptocurrency and hence secure some savings, you need to learn how to analyze the market, calculate risks, and then draw up a trading plan. But the great news is, although you have to learn, you can do it yourself! If not mention trading which means active interaction with the crypto market, there are a couple of ways how to earn with crypto.


This is the strategy when you just buy a cryptocurrency and store it in your wallet. In this case, inaction does not mean a lack of profit. Cryptocurrency has shown quite impressive growth potential (Bitcoin, for example, has grown from 5K to 50K since last year) — so you can buy some crypto, wait till its price goes up, and then sell for a dear price.


There is also a way to generate income from cryptocurrencies. You can stake them. Staking means participating in maintaining Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain functionality. In return for this, the participants receive incentives — staking rewards. The process itself is not very simple, but some services and crypto exchange platforms (such as cex.io coins staking, for example) make it easier. Working with such platforms, you can simply add money to the exchange wallet, and get your staking rewards.

 So you learn how to earn with crypto. Now, how to save it?

Another reason to think about a cryptocurrency is storing value. In the situation of economic crisis, the countries emit more money, which leads to inflation. In this case, if you store your savings in fiat money, there is a risk they lose their value. At the same time, the political and economic situation in the country, the problems of your bank, and any other third-party factors mostly do not affect cryptocurrencies. This makes it an alternative means to keep your savings and potentially increase them given the cryptocurrency growth potential.

To sum it up: the answer to the question of what brings a higher ROI — education or cryptocurrency — will depend on personal goals and efforts. One thing remains clear — you always need knowledge — be it in crypto or in any other subject. Invest time and effort to study what you like, develop the practical skills — and it will help you get a return and secure your retirement.

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