Stefanie Cohen Powerlifter, Age, Height, bio, Instagram and lesser known facts

Stefanie Cohen was originally born on March 28, 1992, in Caracas, Venezuela and now she has Venezuelan as well as American nationality, so her zodiac sign is Aries. She’s a famous bodybuilder. Stefanie is a football player but is best known as a power lift, who won several championships (25 titles) and owns the 402lbs World Record of the APA Deadlift.

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Stefanie Cohen Powerlifter, Age, Height, bio, Instagram and lesser-known facts

Real NameStefanie Cohen
Date of BirthMarch 28, 1992
Place of BirthCaracas, Venezuela
Age 28 Years Approx ( Nov 2020 )
Height153 cm, 5 feet
ProfessionInfluencer, Power Lifter
Relationship StatusNot Known
Net WorthNot Known
NationalityVenezuelan, American
Social MediaInstagram – @ steficohen

Early Life

Her dad who is a lawyer and her mother who is a tailor raised Stefanie as a single child in Caracas. At a very young age, she was interested in sports and played rugby with her elementary school team, while still doing good running and playing tennis.


After graduating from primary school, her family decided to move to the United States, where Stefanie enrolled for high school. At the age of 15, she started to sculpt her body, the most important thing about her life. She started going to the gym. As she arrived at school, Stefanie opted instead to concentrate on soccer and lifting weights. Stefanie agreed to teach other people after a period at the training centre, to be accredited by a National Strength & Fitness Council (NCSF), and eventually to college to earn her BSc in physiology and sports medicine in 2014. In 2016, she became a Licensed Expert for Strength and Condition and in 2018 she was named a Ph.D. candidate.

Stefanie Cohen Powerlifter

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Stefanie was selected to play with the 2006 National Venezuelan Football Team Under 17, and she continued to play for them till 2009, thanks to her soccer talent. Stefanie serves as a personal trainer, though she is invited to visit many colleges in sports across the United States as a guest coach. In 2015, she was awarded the Senior Government Gold Medal in Florida, the Illinois Senior Government Medal Officer, and the Weightlifting Record Holder in 2015.

The US Powerlifting Association is responsible for the 402lb (182.3kgs) American Powerlifting Association and the 900lb (408.2kgs) American Powerlifting Association, while the personal deadlift is 501lbs. It has two records in powerlifting (227.2kgs). Stefanie is also a star of Instagram, who has collected over 800,000 followers on her behalf, while her workouts have taken almost 3,800 images upon her. She opened her Youtube channel on the 21st of June, 2016, with reportedly more than 135,000 viewers and up to 10 million views of all of her videos in a single union,  the most popular video she has ever had since she was posted on the 31st of May 2019 is Inside Stefi Cohens Competition Prep California Vlog.

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Stefanie kept the specifics of her love life from the audience, though she was assumed to be in a relationship with a mystery man after the two people were seen in Los Angeles Streets walking together. For over four years, she had a long-term relationship with her sweetheart, and she wanted different things and she thought the man needed a family while Stefanie was focusing on her career. Rumors circulate across the internet that the famous powerlifter is lesbian, because she didn’t talk about men that she might be dating, and because she sometimes uploads photos of women on her Instagram account but never of men, she didn’t comment on the rumors.

Routine Workout

Stefanie is not pursuing a strict fitness schedule, since she feels she can feel what her body wants and prefers to exercise precisely. She had discovered the tough approach of taking a recovery day when she had forced her body too hard in the past that she was unable to walk further without low pressure in the back. She discovered at the same time that circuiting and long-distance exercise would support her and develop her stamina. She’s doing Cardio every day and she says it’s the biggest part of her training. As she is a powerlifting machine, Stefanie can concentrate on a single workout.

She has decided to mix her training with bodybuilding and weight height lifting and developed her own practice called hybrid training. Stefanie’s focus is on high protein consumption because her muscles have ample food and even high carbohydrates intake and good fats. She primarily eats fruit, tomatoes, chicken, and fish. Many people assume that Stefanie uses steroids because it’s suspected that any time a person claims that she uses steroids, she blocks the person and deletes his messages on her social media pages.

Interest and Hobbies

Stefanie is an immense lover of animals and has a French bulldog named Riley that was killed in 2017. She loves to enjoy spending her spare time on the water, diving in the ocean, and to sleep on the sand. Stefanie is also keen to play beach volleyball, tennis, and lacrosse. Travel is her main passion and she was working and leisure all over the USA, though her favourite place is in Miami in Florida, and she was in several European nations, such as Sweden, Norway, and Iceland. Seeing films late in the night is Stefanie’s favourite actors and actresses, with Steves Seagal, Jet Li, and Cynthia Rothrock being some of her favourite films like Under Siege, Death Marked, and Away for Revenge.


1. Weightlifting

  •    2015-  Florida Senior State Gold Medalist
  •    2015 – Illinois Senior State Gold Medalist

2. Powerlifting

  •     501 lbs deadlift with straps (Personal Record)
  •     APA Deadlift World Record, 402lbs (-123lb)
  •     APA Total World Record, 900lbs (-123lb)

Stefanie Cohen Networth

She was a Senior National Medalist for Florida State Gold in 2015. On her Stefanie cohen Instagram account, she has more than 280,000 followers. It is valued at over 400,000 dollars in net value.

Final Words

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