Sports and fashion brands: An overview of the recent collaborations

Collaboration between prominent sports brands and fashion brands are nothing new. Recently, classic brands are seen to collaborate with major fashion houses and spawned the latest trend called athleisure. Athleisure movement is operating fully. There would not be a month without any new collaboration between sports giants and luxury houses.

Sports and fashion brands

Ray-Band and Scuderia Ferrari

Scuderia Ferrari and Ray-Ban collaborated and launched a limited special collection of sunglass for all hard-core Formula 1 fan. Ray-Ban bestowed the magnificent classic models to their fans that radiate the ideal mix of fine quality, poise, chic and heed to minute details.

At first 6 models of the sunglasses were released with each of them being dedicated to one of the popular Grand Prix tracks in USA, Great Britain, China, Monaco and so on.

Each of the sunglasses leaves their own impression with classic Ferrari colours and well-known logo of a black horse on a bright yellow background. They were made of absolute optical materials like carbon fibre that features contrasting rubber detailing along with lenses having costly coatings.

These sunglasses by Ray-Ban feat. Scuderia Ferrari is mainly inspired by the Formula One racing world and aspired to be at the perfect active choice for daily wear.

Puma and Masaba Gupta

The popular German sportswear, as well as lifestyle brand named Puma, was seen to collaborate with Masaba Gupta, a well-known fashion designer from India. The collaboration marked the launch of a limited-edition variety of sneakers.

Masaba Gupta’s brand named House of Masaba has been popular for several collaborations. Her collaboration with the sportswear brand took place for creating two deigns for their finest Cali Sneaker. She created one sneaker inspired by the struggle against anxiety and another by identity because she wished to convey a powerful message to the millennials in India.

With the help of her signature vibrant prints along with playful illustrations, Masaba covered the minimal Cali Sneaker of Puma. Her Anti-Anxiety sneakers feature demonstrations reflecting an anxious mind’s thoughts whereas the vibrant colours reveal chaos. The other sneaker design, Identity motivates Indian millennials to break the shackles set by them and the society with demonstrations of locks getting opened.

As per the culture of worldwide sneaker-head of letting out limited pairs from a high-profile collaboration, just 50 pairs of the hand-painted sneakers of Masaba Gupta’s collection were decided to be available for sell in India.

Although it is the first time that the brand has made a collaboration with an Indian fashion designer for designing sneakers, but a few years ago a designer named Aki Narula has also designed an athleisure women’s clothing line.

Puma range of Masaba Gupta was sold via Puma’s online channel. There was a flagship store located in Mumbai that also showcased the collection.

Adidas and Stella McCartney

It is known to be a unique collaboration of a sportswear with a fashion brand. From 2005, they have been working with Adidas for designing a range of top performance women sportswear across an extensive variety of disciplines like running, yoga, swim and tennis. With smooth cuts, perfect lines and fits echoing the extraordinary feminine tailoring, Adidas and Stella McCartney’s collaboration has been the most innovative as well as comprehensive one.

They follow the exact ethics code and modern essence like all their other Stella McCartney collection. All apparels are made with sustainable materials such as recycled polyester and nylon along with the targeted technologies of Adidas.

Reebok and Shivan & Narresh

White sneakers have always withstood the passing trends along with the tide of time. Reebok, a popular icon in its individual rightness, carries on being a masterpiece with its minimalistic design. They took the classic silhouette to a different level by coming out with the most alluring shoe, Club C. It even got approved by the luxury fashion world. To add a modern touch to its universal silhouettes, Reebok has collaborated with various designers who come with diverse aesthetics for exhibiting their view on the vintage. The renowned designer duo named Shivan & Narresh reimagined the Club C. Inspired by the muses of Bollywood they gave the collection a spirited makeover.

The duo espoused an experimental style and blended it with the masterpiece and Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan was their inspiration of giving the pairs a makeover of Street Style. This latest creation of them acknowledges individuality along with authenticity.

According to them, the brand has maintained trademark aesthetic throughout their designs and they have not altered that in Club C of Reebok. They only included a touch of their eccentricity to the pairs. The use of their signature skein works on the shoes’ sole and the five icon pins of the label on the inside complement the name of the sneaker, the Street Style.


Thus by giving similar significance on aesthetics like performance, the demand of athleisure wears are fueled by their ability of proving consumers fine quality product at an affordable range.


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