5 Essentials Every Sporting Enthusiast Needs

Maybe you’ve just got back into your fitness groove, or perhaps you’re looking for the perfect gift for the sports enthusiast in your life. Whatever the reason, ensuring that you’ve got these five sporting essentials means you’ll always be prepared, no matter the activity.

1. The Classic Polo 

There are few more classic looks than the polo. If your sporty enthusiast loves playing tennis or golf, golf polos are the perfect sporting gift, as they’re often a part of the uniform – whether officially stipulated or not.

But golf polos go beyond the appropriate attire for golf; just looking at the popularity of preppy polos in everyday fashion proves their versatility. So if you’re stuck on what to freshen up your wardrobe or buy your sporty friend, the golf polo won’t disappoint!

Sporting Enthusiast Needs

2. Good Pair of Trainers 

A good pair of trainers is an absolute necessity in almost every physical activity. But what makes them suitable, and why are they needed?

Ultimately a “good” pair of trainers are all about comfort and support. Podiatrists emphasize the importance of trainers for preventing conditions such as hammertoes, bunions, plantar fasciitis, or ingrown toenails. Proper support is needed, particularly for those sports enthusiasts performing high-impact activities.

With 63% – 72% of people using incorrect footwear, it’s vital that you don’t further any potential foot damage, so ensure that when buying trainers, you go for sport-specific trainers designed with your sport in mind.

3. Sunglasses 

For the sports fans that have chosen to enjoy physical activity outdoors, from hikers to golfers, a good pair of sunglasses is vital to protect the eyes from UV rays and to keep you performing your best.

There’ll be sport-specific sunglasses for different sports to ensure they don’t fall off while you play, but if you’re buying sunglasses as a gift, why not buy a pair that will look great on and off the court or green?

4. FitBit or Smartwatch 

With smartwatches becoming waterproof, not even avid swimmers can escape the joys of seeing their progress through tracking. Whether wanting to monitor heart rate and steps, assess Fitbit HRV accuracy, or even take an approximate ECG, smart watches and Fitbits offer the ultimate fitness tracking experience so you can always relish your sporting victories and analyze why your progress might be taking a dip.

5. Sport or Yoga Mat 

Your sporty friend doesn’t always have to be moving at the speed of light. Perhaps they’re into slower, sweat-inducing sports like yoga, pilates, or hot yoga.

Regardless of the chosen sport, your sports lover will appreciate the gift of a yoga or sport mat to cool down on. Cool-downs and warm-ups are as crucial as the physical activity of the sport itself. The body must cool down to reduce the risk of lactic acid build-up.

Final Thoughts

Every sports fanatic would appreciate these five items to ensure a smooth and enjoyable sporting journey. While not every gift may apply to the sports lover in your life, let these items be the perfect inspiration for a thoughtful purchase!

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