Crucial Points to Remember When Shopping for a Second-hand Scooter

The world of second-hand and previously used shopping has been transformed into an exciting hobby and even, for some people, a career in its own right in recent years.

If you are currently researching in your local area as to whether there are any suitable second-hand scooters that suit both your budget and criteria, then continue reading.

Here are the most crucial points to remember when shopping for a second-hand scooter.

Second-hand Scooter

Call Ahead to Confirm the Viewing

When you yourself are selling an item of furniture, a car, or another larger object, you will know to always present what you are selling in its most positive light; ensuring it is free of clutter, cleaned, and basically looking its best.

It is, almost exclusively, a much better idea to purchase any second-hand item (especially a motorbike) from a prominent and reputable dealer, such as BMG Scooters. If you are keen on viewing a used bike from a private seller, then make sure you call ahead and arrange a thorough viewing and ideally, a test drive, so that the seller can prepare all paperwork and get the bike ready should you choose to buy it.

Ensure that the Paperwork is Complete and Authentic

Secondly, you absolutely must ensure that (along with the bike and ideally, two keys) you are presented with complete and authentic paperwork, paying particular attention to the service history of the scooter.

Correct documentation is so important that even if you are offered an incredible deal on a scooter that you have taken the time to view and even testdrive, if there is no accompanying paperwork, it is strongly advisable to walk away.

You must, along with the service documentation, check that there is a genuine registration document with the scooter and that the engine number and frame number match the information on the document.

Check the Aesthetics and Appearances

Hopefully, you will know how easy it is to hide serious defects in a scooter’s engine by adding a new lick of paint or a new engine casing, so when you are looking in and around the engine unit, do not be fooled by such aesthetic additions.

Take a strong torch, even if you are viewing the scooter in the daylight, and examine the chain to check there is no excess and dried oil; and make sure there are no cracks on the tread of the tires and that you conduct a full inspection of the brakes.

Check That Parts Are Still Available

Obviously, the older the scooter, the cheaper it will be (unless it has been unrecognizably modified) but along with this reduction in price, it may also result in you being entirely unable to source replacement parts.

As a general rule then, you should try and ensure that any scooter you are even considering purchasing is, at the very most, only ten years old, as if you look hard enough, you are likely to be able to find most replacement parts.

The exception to this rule is if you were to be interested in buying a Cushman, whose replacement parts are notoriously hard to find.

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