Measures to Prevent Injury While Engaging in Military Training

The training of military servants matters a good deal. Trying to learn to control body and develop stamina, many soldiers overload their bodies, resulting in injuries and physical inactivity. This, in turn, will entail serious consequences for ordinary life.

Minimizing the number of injuries will prevent injury during physical activity. Learn how to succeed in this below.

Prevent Injury

Preventive measures

1) Before starting a workout, make sure that exercises don’t stretch your muscles and tissues. As muscles and tissues naturally stretch, you can gradually increase the load.

2) When drawing up a training plan, undergo an examination at a medical center. The attending physician will give a detailed description of the state of your body and tell you what kind of exercise you can choose.

3) You may be aware that overuse can cause rupture of ligaments, and tension. If you have a powerful exercise program, then just don’t over-exercise. Everyone needs rest and replenishment of energy.

4) Never start a workout without a warm-up. Before starting, be sure to do a small warm-up complex that activates all parts of your body.

5) Be sure to include rest in your program. Give your body a break between programs. Take longer breaks as you increase your activity, and include non-exercise fasting days on your list.

6) Without proper and balanced nutrition, your physical activity won’t lead you to the desired result. Your daily diet should include all of the essential nutrients.

7) Water should always be at hand. Consume it both before training, during physical exertion, and afterward. But keep the balance: drink the water so as not to induce vomiting or cramping.

8) Due to excessive sweating during exercise, your body needs salt replenishment. This is why you should also purchase some sports drinks.

9) Examine your sports equipment. Make sure it is intact each time before training so that you don’t injure yourself during the exercises.

10) Increasing the load can cause muscle soreness and tension. In this case, you need to go to massage sessions. Massage center in Dubai will create the right program for your body, which means to eliminate muscle pain, correct posture, and relieve stress.

Massage can also help fight chronic pain in different parts of your body. Scientific research confirms the improvement in the condition of chronic pain in the back, lower back, shoulders, and neck.

11) Before exercising, choose athletic clothing and footwear that won’t hinder your movement and provide support for your body.

Military Training

Possible injuries

In addition to preventing physical injury, every soldier must be informed of symptoms that indicate serious injury. If you are not aware, then you run the risk of getting the following injuries:

  • Stretching the hamstring;
  • Stretching of the leg muscles;
  • Achilles tendon injury – inflammation between the calf muscle and heel;
  • Knee pain – swelling and severe pain in the knee;
  • Stretching of the groin and thigh muscles;
  • Back pain;
  • Inflammation of the skin on the sole.


In order not to have deteriorated health, it’s recommended to perform the following warm-up exercises:

– Strengthen the calf muscles by performing rising on toes near the gym wall bars.

– Jogging on flat areas.

– Eat right and replenish nutritional deficiencies.

– Avoid exercises in which your knees are bent for a long period.


Consider the issue of drawing up physical activity to keep your body in good shape. Military servants need to undergo regular examinations to know about the capabilities of their bodies and ways to increase the load.

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