Winter hair – healthy hair: ways to prevent the cold damage your hair

While there still are a couple of months until we’ll hear Mariah Carey singing “All I Want for Christmas is You”, the cold days are just around the corner and unsurprisingly, the low temperatures can prove quite damaging to your hair’s health. 

Suppose you want to keep your locks healthy yearlong; you know you need to put more effort into caring for them once the temperatures drop. If you live in an area with harsh winters, you’re familiar with the stress and toll the cold season takes on your hair. Winter cold is harsh on all hair types, so regardless of what kind of locks you have, they’re not safe. Since the first days of fall, the weather calls for bundling up inside and sipping hot chocolate while reading a book. But the beginning of the cold season could also mark the start of a fiasco for your hair because it goes through its worst phase when the temperatures drop.

Here is how to give it the extra dose of attention it needs to stay in top shape.

cold damage hair

Upgrade your hair care routine

It’s crucial to adapt your hair care routine to the season. When you purchase new hair products, ensure they provide some extra hydration and moisture to your locks because the cold weather will deplete them from nutritious substances. It’s a great idea to use a light hydrating shampoo to moisturize your scalp and a nourishing conditioner to keep the ends healthy and strong. If you notice redness or flaking on your scalp, switching to a shampoo for a sensitive scalp is best. Discuss with your hairdresser if you have damaged or excessively dry hair to recommend some hair products designed especially for your hair issues. You might have to experiment with a couple of products before you find the right ones for your hair, so take your time to research and invest in high-quality shampoo and conditioner.

Don’t splurge on hot water

When you head home during the winter, your first thought is to get in the hot shower and help your limbs relax. A hot, steamy shower might rejuvenate your body after a long day, but it will also strip your hair and scalp of their natural oils and leave them dry.

It’s best to shower in lukewarm or warm water during all seasons and shorten your bath period. If you feel a little courageous, switch to cool water for a couple of seconds at the end of the bath to lock in moisture and seal your hair follicles. Hairdressers recommend cutting back on frequent hair washes because they can leave your scalp prone to dryness and have a negative impact on its PHS.

Don’t leave the house with wet hair

Regardless if you’re in a hurry or not, you should reprimand your choice of leaving the home with wet hair during the cold season. You might remember that your parents or grandparents always told you not to get out with wet hair, and while they wanted to protect your health and not so much your hair, they were right to stop you from doing it. This goes beyond preventing a cold when you get outside with your wet locks because when your hairs still contain some water, they are in a delicate state and more prone to damage due to outside factors. Water expands when it freezes, so if you get outside the house with damp hair, you leave it more susceptible to damage because the ice will lift its protective cuticle.

The best way to prevent your hair from getting split ends is to dry your hair completely before leaving the house. Suppose you’re in a hurry and decide to use the blow-dryer; make sure to apply a heat shield before styling it.

Use protective headwear

An effective way to protect your locks from the damaging effects of the cold weather is to snuggle it under headwear. It’s recommended to use head wraps made of Ankara fabric, satin, silk, or another smooth material that doesn’t cause any friction and breakage. You can make head wraps at home by purchasing high-quality fabrics online to ensure you have a diverse collection that matches your entire wardrobe.

If you have beautiful, voluminous locks, you probably want to show them off, but it’s more important to protect them from the harsh weather, which can wreak havoc on it. If you don’t like wrapping your hair, you can cover your head with a hat that offers some degree of protection. It’s best to use fabrics like those from AfricanFabs as they are gentle with your hair because materials such as acrylic or wool are harsh and can worsen hair static.

Visit the hairdresser regularly

Trimming your hair during the cold season is vital because it helps you maintain it healthy and looking fresh. Visit your hairdresser every four to eight weeks to get a trim and take off the dry and split ends. Your hairdresser could also provide recommendations on how to adapt your hair routine to the weather conditions and daily lifestyle.

Also, change your hairstyle during the winter when the colder temperatures allow you to wear it loose. During summer you might have experimented with braids and updos, but now that there is no danger for your neck to get sweaty when your hair is loose, you can try some new hairstyles. You may even get those bangs you have wanted to try for so long.

Give your hair extra love during the winter

Taking care of your hair properly during the cold season is essential, so it might be the moment to learn how to hydrate it. Consistently applying conditioner and using the right shampoo is a crucial step and can be done easily. Make sure you purchase some lightweight products at the beginning of fall and use the treatments until the weather warms up.

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