Why Is Plumbing Maintenance Important?

Ft. Lauderdale local plumbers advise residents to maintain their home’s plumbing system to ensure their pipes continue to drain properly. Professionally maintained plumbing pipes lower the home’s water bill and improve its air quality by reducing potential mold hazards as well as increasing the piping system’s lifespan and preventing clogged or rusty drains.

A home’s plumbing system directly affects its comfort and safety. An understanding of basic plumbing can help to achieve comfort and safety without unexpected plumbing expenses. Understanding the basics of plumbing and becoming familiar with the components can help to avoid bad situations and help to make better decisions for ensuring an efficient plumbing system. All homes have two sets of plumbing pipes. One set for incoming water and another for drainage of wastewater. The water is moved with gravity and manipulated with pressure. Running water is supplied through either public suppliers or private wells. The public suppliers store water in towers and deliver it through miles of extensive pipelines. The private wells deliver water through pumps and distribute them through similar but smaller pipelines. The water that supplies the public suppliers and the private wells are generally drawn from surface and subsurface sources.

Plumbing Maintenance

It is important to know where and how to disconnect the water in case of an emergency. If water is spewing everywhere it will cause major damages to the home if it is not shut off immediately. There is usually a main valve to shut the water off to the house and individual valves to shut off sinks and appliances. Even the smallest leak can become a costly expense if left unattended. Small leaks such as drippy faucets and constantly running toilets can increase the home’s water bill as well as lead to high repair bills. Even the jack-of-all-trades handyman can benefit from the services of an Ft. Lauderdale local plumber to keep weak pipes from turning into a direct water leakage. Ignoring weak and leaky pipes can lead to continuous pressure that reduces the lifespan of the home’s pipes and leads to a failed plumbing system and costly repair bills. Constant pressure from a weak pipeline can result in a continuous leak from a house connection. Continuous leaks from a pipe or valve can cause a dangerous build-up of mold and mildew. Professionally maintaining a home’s plumbing system prevents mold growth and eliminates expensive repairs. Maintaining the plumbing system will save money by preventing costly repairs.

Clogging agents such as hair and grease wreak havoc on the home’s plumbing system. Other materials like soap, household cleaners, and detergents can contribute to clogged and slowed drainage systems. The grease will accumulate and interrupt the drainage flow, the hair builds clogging nests in the drain pipes and the cleaning agents and detergents break down the system causing leaks and drips. Remembering that nothing other than biodegradable paper should ever be placed into the toilet can help eliminate clogging and harm to the drainage pipes. And remembering that the garbage disposal is not a trash can also help eliminate damage to the home’s plumbing system. Items such as banana peels, corn husks, and melon rinds should be thrown into a trashcan, they should not be put into a garbage disposal. Plumbing maintenance is important for avoiding costly repairs, maintaining an efficiently operating plumbing system, lowering the water bill, improving the air quality, and increasing the lifespan of the piping system.


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