7 Places on Earth Opposing the Laws of Gravity

4. Foroe Island, Waterfall

You’ve always watched the spring flowing downstream but have you ever seen the water flowing in the flutter? If not, then you will have to see something similar on this island.

5. Australia, Black Rock, Magnetic Hill

Even here Ladakh’s car rises upwards, even if it does not have a neutral gear. While driving on this road everyone is surprised that why is this happening?

6. Hanging pillar, Andhra Pradesh

Gravity does not work in the Lepakshi temple in Andhra Pradesh. There are about 70 pillars in this temple but one of them is hanging in the air. The pillar, standing without support, does not fall into any situation.

7. Oregon, Gold Hill,  Vortex

You can stand in this place, which is a tourist attraction, and see the length difference. As you change your place here, your length will also decrease, which is less than a miracle. But the reason for this is still the reason for the mystery among the people.

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