Paulina gretzky Dustin Johnson Wife Age, Height, Instagram, Wiki, Bio and Lesser known facts

The latest photo of this beautiful and charming face is spreading fire among people and people are appreciating her current photos. She is the daughter of the very popular hockey player Wayne Gretzky and he is a legend.

Early life of Paulina Gretzky

Paulina Gretzky embarked on her career early than other ones because she was hardly interested in pursuing academics. She was one of those who liked physical activity and creativity a lot, so she went to find her ways in that way. This is how she got moved to music and with time she started performing in public with a heritage class song named ‘I will remember you’. Then she also released her song named Collecting Dust and this is also available on Itunes. Then the demand in the sector also got higher and she even got this opportunity to get featured in the Golf Digest in the year 2014. She gave herself time and she then embarked on getting lots of projects and got many TV shows along with the movies. The net worth of Pauline Gretzky is around about $5 million.

Paulina gretzky Images credit Paulina gretzky Instagram

Paulina gretzky Age, Height, Instagram, Wiki, Bio and Lesser known facts

Real NamePaulina Gretzky
Date of Birth19 December 1988, Los Angeles, California, United States
ProfessionModel, Actor
Age32 Years as of Jan 2021
Height173 cm
RelationshipDustin Johnson M. 2013
Children2 Sons
Net Worth$5M estimated
NationalityUnited States
Social MediaInstagram – paulinagretzky

Twitter – paulinagretzky


Pauline Gretzky is sharing a beautiful relationship with Dustin Johnson and they had started dating in 2012. When they had begun with their relationship they had decided they date each other for a longer period and this is how they even got to understand each other. They say, they had a wonderful journey from dating to getting married and we have learned a lot about each other. Then they tied the knot in January 2013 but in 2018, the conflict started between the two.

Paulina gretzky

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Hobbies and interest of Paulina

Like every other common person in the world, Paulina has so many hobbies and interests. She likes several things and in many of her interviews. Paulina loves traveling and exploring the world and different cultures. These are some of the things which excite her and she loves to know about these things. On the other hand, whenever she gets time she definitely loves to cook and enhance her cooking skills. Besides she loves to explore even different types of music which and she is very much like this only. Rest when she gets time she loves sleeping because all the time she is busy. So whenever she finds out time, it is also one of the things which make her go and enjoy her time.

Some unknown facts about Paulina Gretzky

There are of course several things which we of course still do not know about her. Even though she is a social media person but these are some of the things we must know about her –

  • She is a model too
  • However, she was not interested in academics but she had a really expensive education.
  • Paulina is the daughter of Wayne Gretzky.

Winding up

She is really a beautiful pop singer and also you can follow her on her social media accounts. Paulina usually posts about her whereabouts so go and download all of her pictures.

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