The quality and origin of tourmaline

The reason why tourmaline can sell well in the market is mainly because of its colorful colors. More importantly, the same tourmaline infinity necklace can present different colors. But because tourmaline is slightly more expensive than other precious stones such as crystal, many beauty lovers are deterred. In fact, as long as you know the tourmaline correctly, you can find your favorite tourmaline jewelry. Today, let’s learn how to choose one quality tourmaline!

Similar to rubies, a tourmaline has quality evaluation criteria of 4C and 1T: color, clarity, cut, carat weight, and transparency.

The price of tourmaline is restricted by its color. In the international market, the price of the bright red and bright blue tourmaline cheap custom jewelry is the highest. The red, green, rose-red, and emerald green tourmaline are also very popular in the market, and the price is higher. In the choice of inlaid tourmaline jewelry, it is better to choose the color is even and beautiful. For necklaces and bracelets, rich colors are preferred. Each bead can be different colors, with red, yellow, blue, green, purple and other colors. The color of the tourmaline is relatively rich and more valuable is the presence of two or more colors on the same tourmaline name on necklace, namely the bicolor tourmaline or polychromatic tourmaline, and the inner-infrared green watermelon tourmaline is also precious. In addition, the cat’s eye tourmaline belongs to the top quality of tourmaline.

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The purity of the tourmaline is relatively brittle, prone to cracks, and the interior will contain a large number of inclusions. The presence of a large number of cracks and inclusions will affect the transparency, color, and brilliance of the tourmaline, while the inner pure tourmaline is very rare. When picking, try to pick ones with clean interiors.

The cutting of the tourmaline refers to the accuracy of its cutting and grinding ratio and the perfection of its finishing. The shape design of tourmaline should be based on the cleavage, quality, and weight of the original stone. The weight of the original stone should be maintained to the maximum extent and the structure of the original stone should be dissected in the best state. It needs to be ensured the restoration of the color after the tourmaline is cut, showing the most beautiful color cheap personalized jewelry. Then use the best method to deal with the original stone defects, so as to design the best tourmaline shape. For example, how cantourmaline with cat’s eye effect fully display its special effects is very important. A good cut should reflect the brightness and brilliance of the tourmaline as much as possible.

The tourmaline weight is calculated in carats. Under other similar conditions, the value of tourmaline increases geometrically as its weight increases. Tourmaline cheap engraved bracelets of the same weight can vary greatly in value due to the difference in color, clarity, and cut.

Tourmaline requirements crystal clear, the more transparent the better the quality. Do not have a clear sense of fog or opacity, the higher the transparency, the higher the price.

Some of the tourmaline pendants, bead strings and engravings have a lot of internal ice cracks and poor permeability. The merchants can improve its transparency by injecting glue, masking cracks and impurities! High-quality tourmaline named jewelry necklace will not have glue injection process, so generally do not worry about the high-grade tourmaline has the phenomenon of injection molding. But tourmaline that price is lower may be glued! So when you are ready to choose a tourmaline, be sure to find out if these tourmalines have been processed!

Origin of Tourmaline
There are many countries producing tourmaline, Myanmar produces red tourmaline; Sri Lanka produces yellow tourmaline and brown tourmaline; Brazil green tourmaline is very famous, commonly known as “Brazilian emerald”. It is relatively expensive because it is difficult to dig and the crystals are small. There are also red tourmaline, bicolor tourmaline, and cat’s eye tourmaline, mainly from the Minas Gerais region; the United States produces high-quality tourmalines of various colors; the former Soviet Union produced blue, red and purple high-quality tourmalines; African countries are rich in a variety of color beauty of tourmaline. The famous chrome green tourmaline from Tanzania, which is as bright as an emerald, is also popular. The red tourmaline produced in Nigeria is a hot item on the market, as well as Madagascar, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and other countries. get name necklace

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