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Manage your PDF documents utilizing GoGoPDF’s tools. GoGoPDF is an online platform with tools available to organize your documents to make them look formal and professional. With GoGoPDF, you can manage and organize your files with quick and straightforward steps. You can convert, merge, split, etc., your documents depending on their specific needs and formats.

GoGoPDF online tools are available for free. You can use it on any device such as your smartphones, tablets, desktops, and laptops. GoGoPDF supports all major Operating Systems, such as Windows, iOS, macOS, and Linux. In this article, you will see a few of the tools you can use in GoGoPDF.

Adding Watermarks to your PDF

Watermarks are faded images or texts added to the background of your documents. Watermarks could be personalized, and you can edit the typography of the texts or make your logo or images. When watermarks are added to your PDF files, integrity will be shown to your documents since PDF files with watermarks can be hard to copy and steal from you since they are personalized.

To add watermark to PDF documents with GoGoPDF, the first is by selecting or dragging and dropping the file that you want the watermark to be added. Then you will edit the watermarks from their size, fade, and typography. You may also upload your watermarks. Once the watermark is added in the background, it will be available for download, and you can save it on your drive or cloud.

Adding Page Numbers to your PDF

Adding page numbers to your documents is made easy with GoGoPDF. It is safe, secured, and quick while having the best quality. With GoGoPDF, you can customize the typography, size, and position of the page numbers. It is also smart and efficient since everything is automatic, and you can declare the first page as the cover page, making it less hassle.

In adding page numbers to your documents with GoGoPDF, the first is by uploading your file into their system. Then you can edit and adjust the typography and the position of your page numbers. After everything is clear, click the “Number pages,” and you may download the file once it’s available, and you can save it on your drive or the cloud.

Locking your PDF

Securing your documents is essential, especially when they are important and you want to avoid unauthorized access from anyone. Locking your PDF files will give them password encrypted to the document with GoGoPDF’s 128-AES Encryption, guaranteeing your files’ safety every time.

In locking your documents with GoGoPDF, the first is by selecting or dragging and dropping the files that you want to encrypt a password. GoGoPDF will ask you to input a password, suggesting strong and specific characters, including alphanumeric characters, including capital letters, and signs. Then, your PDF file will be available for download, and you can save it on your drive or the cloud.

Unlocking your PDF

GoGoPDF also offers an unlock tool that could be an advantage whenever you always open or view a certain document with an encrypted password. Unlocking your PDF files will ease your viewing by not putting a password every time.

In unlocking your PDF files with GoGoPDF, the first is selecting or dragging and dropping your files to the system. Then, input or type the given password, and GoGoPDF will begin the process and decrypt the file. Once it’s finished, your documents will be available for download, and you can open and view them with one click.

Merging your PDF

Merging your PDF documents is by combining two or more documents into a single PDF file. By combining the PDF files, you can have more space in storage for your devices, making it an advantage when merging. Also, having your documents in a single PDF file will make sending or attaching files more organized.

In merging your PDF files with GoGoPDF, the first is to select the files that you want to be uploaded into their system. GoGoPDF will then combine your files into a single file. GoGoPDF will also let you adjust and alter the PDF document and will be available for download once finished, and you can save it on your drive or the cloud.


With GoGoPDF tools, managing your files are now easier. It is making your work smart and efficient every time. You can also subscribe to GoGoPDF Pro membership, where you can use the tools at unlimited times and tasks and to them simultaneously.


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