Norway Cruises: A Unique Way of Experiencing the Fjords

Norway is the perfect country to visit if you’re into both cultural heritage and wonderful sceneries. You can choose to immerse yourself in the breathtaking landscapes or learn more about the Vikings through monuments and museums. There are so many activities you can add to your travel itinerary, but we need to focus on what you shouldn’t miss out: the fjords.

Norway Cruises

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Fjords: A Mix of Nature and Culture

Fjords are natural landscapes with steep lands and waterways, which were formed and shaped due to giant glaciers. The experience feels surreal when viewing the fjords up close because of how the mountains, forests, and sea form one scenic image. If you’re not sure of what attractions you need to visit in Norway, make sure to visit these fjords:

  • Aurlandsfjord – a highly accessible fjord near the Flåm Railway
  • Lysefjord – a fjord found near other famous tourist destinations
  • Hardangerfjord – a perfect spot to view the apple trees
  • Nærøyfjord – a world heritage site listed by UNESCO
  • Sognefjord – dubbed as the king of the fjords because of its length

Here’s a friendly piece of advice: it’s almost impossible to visit all of the fjords in one day. There are more than a thousand fjords across Norway. The best part about visiting fjords is that there are often nearby tourist attractions that complement the experience.  Here are some attractions near the fjords:

  • Flåm Railway – before you reach Aurlandsfjord, you’ll get to ride on the famous railway filled with awe-inspiring sceneries
  • Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock) and Kjerag – after visiting Lysefjord, it only takes a few kilometres to hike either the Pulpit Rock or the Kjerag
  • Balestrand and Kviknes Hotel – found near Sognefjord is a community rich in cultural heritage including the Kviknes Hotel where you can spend the night

Cruise through the Fjords

You might be wondering how many fjords can be seen in a single day. Going through a lot of them in a single day would be extremely tiring, but you could view several fjords in a single trip. Since the fjords are strategically located near bodies of water, there are specialized trips called Norway fjords cruise. It’s an experience like no other because you get to view it just like how the Vikings did years ago.

You can see the famous fjords together with the breathtaking scenery at the comfort of a cruise ship. The best part is that these routes are optimized to give you the best possible view of Norway’s landscape. Taking a fjords cruise is an experience you definitely need to add to your travel itinerary. Even if you’ve already visited most of the fjords, you’ll find that cruising gives a new perspective worth viewing.

You can enjoy seeing the fjords whether you travel by land, railway, or sea. Each mode of transportation gives you a new perspective on the fjords’ extraordinary terrain. If it’s your first time visiting Norway, we highly suggest taking a cruise ship to experience the different fjords. There are several travel packages available so that you can find whichever fits your ideal itinerary.

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