Nick Cannon age, height, Net Worth, Bio and lesser known facts

Nick Cannon does not need any introduction, because he has won millions of hearts by his sheer dedication towards his profession. His real name is Nicholas Scott Cannon and who was born on October 8, 1980, in San Diego, California, U.S, and took his education toward university (BS). He is a comedian, rapper, and a television host by profession and he has won millions of hearts with this. But he came into the limelight with Wild ‘n Out and this was one of his best work and helped him to achieve even more.

Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon age, height ( how tall is nick cannon), net worth, Bio and lesser known facts

Real Name
Nicholas Scott Cannon
Date of BirthOctober 8, 1980
Age 40 Years Approx
Height183 cm
  • Comedian
  • rapper
  • television host
EducationBachelor of Science from Howard University
Marital StatusDivorced
Social MediaInstagram – @ nickcannon

Twitter – @ NickCannon

Youtube – @ NickCannon

Nick Cannon personal information

Nick cannon is an American comedian, rapper, and television host and he is counted as one of the best with whatever he is doing. The name of his show is known as The Nick Cannon Show and his hosting ability made him a star today. His life story is so inspiring and full of tragedy and this somewhere or the other shaped him into the person he is today. Cannon was raised and nurtured by her grandfather, whom he used to call dad. He is very close to his grandfather and they were also best buddies. His childhood was full of naughtiness and he shared all of them with his gang who there was famous as ‘Lincoln park bloods’, street gang.

Early life sank him into learning

His childhood was full of learning because his grandfather had started watching him the importance of learning. Those children who are at an early age learn the importance of teaching, they definitely settle into their life. So he always motivates the entire children who are at their tender age that never escape this part of learning. Because learning is as important as investing money for the business and the one who understands this, learns the greatest lesson into their life.

About his work

It is not easy to love doing out of comfort zone but the day people starts going out of their comfort zone helps them improving into their life. Those who have found success in their lives are the ones who have achieved it. Nick Cannon really has worked for it and he always kind of enjoyed whatever he was doing and it really helped him to grow into life. He has many awards and nominations on his name but his journey of receiving this award began with the works like

  • All That
  • Rags
  • Kenan and Kel
  • Taina
  • The Parkers
  • The Nick cannon show
  • Chappelle’s show
  • Nick Cannon Presents Wild ‘N out
  • Nick Cannon Presents short curcuitz
  • America’s Got Talent
  • Disney parks Christmas day parade
  • The nightlife
  • Up All Night
  • Teen Nick Top 10
  • Incredible crew
  • Real Husbands of Hollywood
  • Nickelodeon kid’s choice Awards etc

Many awards are in his name and this he has won by his sheer dedication and hard work towards the things he loves. He has won for his Hollywood Film festival, nickelodeon Kid’s choice awards, and NAACP Image awards. Although, he always says in many of his interviews that he has worked for it not to receive an award for the love he has received from his fans. Comedy is something that is possible for everyone but it is something, which is so appreciating. I had this flair always inside me and I polished it with time and it helped in every aspect of my life.

Current projects

This film industry and entertainment industry is full of improvements and this never stops even everything does. So it is always like to keep on working and keeps on growing into life and that is how one can improve and grow here.  There is one formula in this film industry if you play a character and it gets popular you must forget it and prepare for the next. So currently he is working on many of his new ideas and he will reveal it after getting launched.


When he was fired from the show wild O’ Nut he never had spoken frankly anything about them. And whatever he said it was always like became a reason for the criticism and it always kept him in limelight. Because it is said that he had made an anti- Semitic comments on his own podcast and YouTube show, Cannon’s show. This was where he got trapped into web of controversies. Although his work always received recognition and popularity and it was kind of fans always appreciated him so it never really affected him that much.

His motivation and strength

Well, everyone talks long and flattery but whenever it comes to the action. Nobody has this stamina that they can do something about it, because most of the people love their comfort zone and to improve in life it is always helping yourself for yourself. In my childhood, I was raised by my grandfather, and because he was so close to me. So he was always like standing with a helping hand and he was always so full of suggestions like his glass of wine. He was always like to improve yourself, invest in yourself you will achieve great and you will not have to chase anything then. When this very thing got fitted into my mind it becomes my motivation and it helped me to achieve more and more. And I made it my strength and I really kind of liked it to achieve greatness in my life.  So those who are just a kid I will say to them, play and play when you are playing but do not forget that you have something with yourself. You have your own responsibility and you must learn and grow in every area of your life. This will help out to improve your quality of life.


You can follow him on social media and you can collect all the information about him. So you can download them from social media profiles if you are a big fan of his work.

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