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MoviesVerse is a popular pirated website in India, providing piracy movies and TV shows. It also offers a premium service where users can download any movie or TV show. MoviesVerse claims they take zero responsibility for the downloaded content on the site, as they are merely providing tools that allow people to do it themselves. They know that eventually, they will be sued by copyright holders but say “bring it on” nevertheless. It says it’s inevitable that their website will get shut down by authorities in India and around the world, with or without a court order, because piracy websites have to comply with anti-piracy laws anywhere in the world.


What is MoviesVerse? 

MoviesVerse is a website that allows users to download any movie or TV show for free. It also offers a premium service where users can download any movie or TV show for USD 3 per month. It is one of India’s most popular pirated websites, which has been providing piracy movies and TV shows for over 10 years now. It was founded in 2000 by Jimmy Bajwa and his wife. Their website has reason to take pride in its database with over 3,000 movies and 14,000 television shows. With moviesverse, you can get all the latest Hollywood and Indian Bollywood titles, and you can watch them anytime with just one click.

Does Moviesverse Provide Unlimited Movies?

Moviesverse provides unlimited movies. The website has a vast collection of movies for free, and for $3/month, you can watch as many movies as you want. All the latest Hollywood and Bollywood titles are available. Today, with the fast-paced technology, it is possible to stream movies on your mobile devices or tablets, connect them to your TV and watch them on a big screen. With MoviesVerse, users can get any movie, and it is perfect for binge-watchers!

Is MoviesVerse Legal?

Moviesverse claims it is legal. However, it does not own the content people download from its website. It finds this idea appalling. It claims that it is not responsible for the content that users upload onto their website. The website owner, Jimmy Bajwa, said in an interview to the Indian media partner. “This will be the biggest test in our history. We are seen as a pirate site by film studios and other movie pirates. We have been fighting against them for many years since we started in 2000”. He added, “Eventually, it will be shut down by authorities whether they have a court order or not as websites such as ours are required to comply with piracy laws everywhere in the world”.

What are the Features of MoviesVerse 2022? 

Moviesverse 2022 is a place to stream and watch movies for free. It comprises different categories, such as Featured Movies, TV Shows, and New Movies. Under Featured Movies, you will find every movie and TV show on the website with any actors or genre in which you can search for your favourite ones. In 2018, MoviesVerse launched the sports section where you can watch live sports streams from different channels worldwide. The website offers a Premium service in which users can download any movie or TV show of their choice through a monthly subscription at $3 per month.

Why is Moviesverse so popular? 

As mentioned earlier, the website has provided free movies and TV shows for users for 12 years now. Although the website was hit by a lawsuit a few years ago, Jimmy Bajwa and his family have managed to continue to operate the website because they have proven their point. According to Jimmy Bajwa, there is only one reason why people use their website; they want to watch movies. The pirated websites are often used as a tool and not as an end. Therefore, it has no choice but to continue providing these tools so that users do not get into trouble with copyright holders.

Where is Moviesverse located? 

Moviesverse began with a group of people living in the United States. Now, the website 6++is based in India. Jimmy Bajwa and his wife are from India, but he does not want to launch any criminal case against them because “we do not live here.” He added that “they can easily shut down our website by pointing fingers at us”. He said, “All our IP addresses are in India. All of Neverbackup’s servers are in Bangalore, which is a stone’s throw away from Mumbai”. Of course, it does not mean that they will not be able to shut down MoviesVerse. They are based in India, but they operate mainly from the United States, so it was difficult for them to shut down their business.

How do you check Moviesverse for viruses? 

You can use the Google Chrome extension called VirusTotal to scan your downloaded movie or a TV show for any viruses. The extension is free and does not need any particular configuration, so visit this link and download the attachment. The instructions for installing and using it are also provided on that page.

Are there any ways to find the original movie? 

It does not matter where you go because there is no secret to finding the original movies. You need to try a little more complicated. Sometimes it takes time but with manual searching or searching a database such as IMDB, everything will come out. The alternative is that they are blocked. It will only take a few minutes, and you will be able to view all of the movies/TV shows on Moviesverse that you can download for free.

MoviesVerse APK Download For Free Movies In India:

There are two APKs available on this website, one is the premium version of the MoviesVerse app, and the other is called the Pro version of the MoviesVerse app. The premium version is paid, while the pro version provides advertisement-free movies and TV shows. While we don’t recommend using free VPNs to access this content, we have added the APKs below for your convenience.

How To Download MoviesVerse APK? 

Step 1: Go to Settings > Security > Unknown sources (turn on this option)

Step 2: Go to your browser and download the latest version of the MoviesVerse apk file. Please open it and install it. That’s all! Now you can watch movies online for free, for as long as you like.

Disclaimer: This website does not host or upload any media files. It is only a search engine linking to other websites where the content can be hosted and downloaded by users.

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