5 Tips To Maximize The Space On Your Small Condo Unit

Okay, so you want to obtain your property, you maybe want to move out to your parents’ house to live independently or maybe making the right choice of wanting to stop renting finally. Well, property price depends on how big it is or its location. If your priority is the location, then most properties that have this are either small or pricey. So where do you exactly start when you start moving to a condo?

First thing first, maximize your space as much as possible. Besides your current items, you will probably be excited about buying items to personalize your new property. But hold your horses! Remember, less is more. As much as possible, buy things that will not only make your property look aesthetic but will also keep it organized and make your budget worth spending. So here are some tips that you can use to get you started.

Small Condo Unit

1. Double-Purpose Furniture

Choose furniture that has multiple functions. Living in a small space means you can only store limited things. That is why it is best to pick the ones that will be of use to you. Below is a sample of multi-purpose furniture:


For starters, you can invest in a convertible sofa bed. It is either you want to use it for your bed, or if you have guests over and they want to spend it overnight, you can let them use it. If you are a working individual or student, you should also consider having a loft type bed. Create your comfortable space upstairs, and downstairs you can have your dream home office setup. There are also some storage loft beds that you can use as extra storage for your clothes, books, and other items. You can check this article that talks about tiny house storage ideas, which you incorporate to your condo.


If you consider having a sofa bed as mentioned above, you can make this your living room in the day and a sleeping area at night. There is also another convertible chair that you can choose from. For example, having a chair that can also be a storage space like an ottoman. If you are a bookworm and don’t know where to store your books, there is a chair that can have a shelving system where you can put your books and other items.


Having a long and big table in your small space might be a crazy idea to make right. So consider having a table that you can use and saves space as well. Some choices you can have are mounted, foldable, or even transformable tables. For example, amounted table setup can be your cabinet, and when pulled down can turn into a table.

2. Store it Away

Storing your items does not mean that you should purchase tons of storage space, but you should clear the clutter and invest in good storage. Even the small items, when putting all together, can eat space in your home. Consider that mobility you can have in your own space. Properly storing everything in the right place can keep your home organized and clutter-free. which can surely help you in making your place organized.

3. Eye Tricks

Mirrors create an optical illusion of making your space bigger. Either you go big or strategize on how you place these mirrors in your home. There are several stylish mirrors that you can have that are functional. If you place a mirror in the right light source, it can lighten your space. Place it near the ceiling, and it will make your space appear higher. Though if you don’t have an appropriate place to put your mirrors, you can also consider having them on your cabinet or doors.

4. Use Dead Space

These are always the underrated spaces that we last think about using. Most people consider them to have no purpose at all. Well, think outside the box and use those awkward spaces to your advantage. Especially now that you just have limited space. You can transform it into a functional or decorative use, even both. Making the most of those spaces is important. Install shelves on those spaces, and you can either store your items there like books, magazines, beauty products, mirror for makeup with lights, or even put your decorations there to display. You can also mount your furniture. Consider mounting your TV for a sample, this strategy will save you some of your floor space.

5. Keep it Simple

Before you buy some things, you should ask yourself or even list them down. What items do you need? Instead of cluttering your space with new furniture and appliances, you should keep it organized and functional. Most importantly, make it comfortable for you to move around and do your usual mundane things. It is your responsibility how you can make your home a safe space and peaceful oasis you can rest in.

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