Right ways to follow to manage sciatica herniated discs

Piriformis syndrome is the common cause for sciatica. What is piriformis? It is a muscle located from the lower back to the thigh of a human. When piriformis muscle gets affected by injuries or aged, it will press the sciatic nerve. This pressure cause s dangerous sciatica pain. Sciatica nerve is the longest nerve in our body. People with 40 plus years of age have a high chance to get sciatica pain due to piriformis syndrome.

You can’t run and walk steps when you have sciatica pain. 80% of people found that they can’t even sit long when they have sciatica pain. Several muscles controlled by the sciatic nerve. From a recent study medical news, today found that 4 out of 10 people surely will have sciatica experience at least one time in their life. A herniated disc also cause a person to feel severe sciatica pain. Remember that sciatica is not a condition to cure. It is a symptom of a condition like a slipped disk.

manage sciatica herniated discs

Dr. Roach said that sciatica comes when your sciatica nerve gets damage or injury. At that time, you have to feel severe pain with movement. Your leg should feel numbness or weakness. Sometimes, you may have trouble to control your bladder and bowel. When you have such a condition, you have to visit doctor to take immediate care.

Sciatica herniated discs

On the spine, the bones are filled with small discs. Spine has 33 bones named vertebrae. The discs are circle in shape and the external layer is surrounded with nucleus. Discs act as a shock absorber. When the normal disc nucleus comes out from the actual place is called bulging disk. When the nucleus comes widely and pushed out of the annulus, the condition named as a herniated disc. This is early stage of degeneration. So you need to take right care to your spine to handle it perfectly.

Commonly, herniated discs form in the lower back region of the human body. Some people get herniated discs in the neck area too. 30% of time excessive strain produces herniated discs and it gradually becomes degeneration when you get old. 5% of the people with a herniated disc have no pain because the herniated disc not pressing the sciatic nerve. Herniated discs make you feel excessive pain even you sneeze or cough. It increases the pressure to the disc to create pain. Experts advise taking physical exam from a good grade having a doctor to confirm your condition to take the right treatment.

Lower back pain due to herniated disc called lumbar spine sciatica. The pressure may occur on one or several nerves to cause pain to the sufferer. 7 out of 10 people got pain through left leg when they have lumbar spine sciatica.

The pain in the neck area due to herniated disc called cervical spine sciatica. This type of sciatica causes the pain travels from your neck and shoulder to your fingers.

What treatment methods are good for Herniated discs?

Physical therapy helps to find the right posture of sitting and stretching exercises to manage herniated disks. Some of the proven working exercises are given below:

  • Prone position is very famous to manage herniated discs. You need to do this pose for 10 times at a set. Every time you can do this position for 3 seconds. Another type is advanced extension of a prone position. Same as you can do this 10 times and every pose can last for 3 seconds.
  • Upper back extension is another notable stretch recommended by physical experts. To get significant results you should try all the right exercises like prone arm and leg lifts. You can do a Google search for these terms to find the image to get the right position.
  • When the pain on your neck, you need to take neck stretches.
  • For lower spine issues, you need to take exercises like hamstring, seated chair stretch exercise, back flexion stretch and knee to chest stretch.

Note: When you have herniated discs, you should avoid lifting weighted objects. Sudden pressure on the back triggers the condition to severe.

Is really need surgery to cure the condition?

  1. There are several options available than surgery for managing herniated discs condition. Some of them are pain killers, steroid injections and physical therapy. If any of those not working over years of trying and you can choose surgery.
  2. Choose the time to find qualified spine surgeon to take physical exam to find the exact places of herniated discs. Your surgeon may require an X-ray or MRI according to the condition level. There are several types of surgeries available for herniated discs.
  3. Sometimes, the sufferer needs to have more than one surgery to manage the condition. Discectomy, laminotomy and artificial surgery may for herniated discs.
  4. When vertebral arch open to relieve the pressure on the nerve roots, the surgery type called laminotomy. Using discectomy, the surgeon will remove the portion of the disc which giving pressure on the sciatic nerve. If you have herniated disc in the lower back area, this type of surgery is common.
  5. Artificial disc surgery is different than other types. At first, patients should take general anesthesia. When the problem has only occurred on 1 disc and the surgeon may suggest artificial disc surgery. On this surgery, the surgeon will replace the actual disc with plastic or metal disc.

The right suggestion is important:

Before you choose surgery, you should try all the home remedy options to manage sciatica. Surgery is not an easy option to take to cure your any condition. 80% of the time, surgeries give side effects like bleeding, nerve damage, and infection.  So kindly visit the right doctor to get perfect direction for your condition. When you follow the right direction, you can surely get relief from your condition to lead a good life.

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