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MailChimp is a completely distinctive source of English writing and is used as an American marketing automation platform for email marketing services. This works as a trading name of its operator like rocket science group which is an American company established in 2001. Its major approach is to marketing and it focuses on healthy contact management practices, with beautifully designed campaigns as well as powerful data analysis. Although, MailChimp is one of the best email marketing tools we will also discuss here some MailChimp alternatives.

The MailChimp is known to offer free plans up to 2,000 contacts and around 10,000 emails as per the ads. This also features pay as you are moving to the pricing system where you need to pay for the number of emails that you are sending.

Why the MailChimp ?

People think of MailChimp as a proper option because of certain reasons like:-

  • You can grow your own way of starting from small with some big ideas. They support to millions of customers in every stage of their own business journeys.
  • MailChimp brings up satisfactory sources by serving all marketing needs at a single place. You can bring your audience data, marketing channels and insight them together to reach your goals faster. They help you promote your business through emails, social processes, landing pages, postcards, and others. Still, you can have some better MailChimp alternatives.
  • This doesn’t look forward to your business types or experience level. The following features best to help users understand the audience and reach them when it matters the most.

mailchimp alternatives

What makes MailChimp popular?

There are many like best MailChimp alternatives and free MailChimp alternatives, but the best stands are the alternatives to MailChimp. They bring on templates which are free plan and are appealing for small businesses. The following bears’ segmentation options with the best of A/B testing options that make on the way. The mail chimp might not stand great for everyone, so there stands on some alternatives to make the way better.

Today MailChimp has gone through a lot of changes to the email plans and pricing as they have been experiencing outages that would leave customers confused or mistreated. For making most of the email and earning ROI which would impress the C-suite there is a need for using the right tools for unique email marketing strategies.

Why MailChimp alternatives?

Today MailChimp is not making headlines like others. This has moved off to provide some alternatives as MailChimp is moving away from its email only roots, their services are no longer fitting for email marketing and are looking for MailChimp alternatives.

10 best of MailChimp Alternatives

To provide excellent services, here come 10 excellent alternatives to MailChimp.

Campaign monitor

  • The following stands as a globally trusted email provider for decades.
  • Provides with excellent services giving services to customers with tools and support that they need to feel confident in their email marketing strategy.
  • Provides support to customers with offices set globally. Customers in any time zone can connect to the source for the service.
  • Gives mobile responsive templates as well as drag and drop builder. This helps customers to avail customized services to fit their needs.
  • They also offer the ability for customers to edit their email code for complete design control.
  • There is a campaign monitor featuring the customer rave from the visual journey builder. There are many ESP’s offering a drag and drop editor with creating a visual journey builder which uses the same drag and drop techniques.
  • This is the comprehensive email marketing platform with considered being the best email marketing software.

Get Response

  • This offers services for both small and big enterprise businesses by providing email marketing solutions to small businesses.
  • Boosts over 500 responsive email templates with drag and drop email editor. Supplies great CRM and Ecommerce integrations and limits many of its advanced features to lists of a certain size. Helps with the growth of small businesses as well as large ones.
  • An incredible tool for email marketing and uses it to manage the entire list of clients in an organized way. They handle all informative and promotional emails. Helps manage and control contact lists offering large amounts of monthly emails at an accessible price.

Constant Contact

  • Quite a great option for the nonprofits which are in need of all in one solution. Bears the ability to create a website or landing page with adding a donate block to emails can be a big help in fundraising efforts.
  • The role of a source is effective and easy to figure out. The constant contact is straight forward software that suite to most tech-averse clients which will be able to figure out and use to its fullest extent.


  • The following offers specific solutions to multi-location businesses as well as franchises like gyms, restaurants, and universities.
  • The following is designed in partnership with the orange theory.
  • Helps save time by simplifying the approval process with even locking templates.
  • Ready to go template would save time as well as brainpower. Provides professional-looking communication from the source. Emma Helps integrate and customize the look of the events.


  • This stands as the best Mailchimp alternative for PC. The following serves to be a simple email marketing tool with great support for small businesses.
  • Bears more advanced features including API for Google’s AMP email. It also offers live demos of their product to help customers obtain most out of their technology.

Active campaign

  • It provides an affordable product with a great number of features and is worth investigating.
  • Offers with all in one platform for customers enabling multi-channel messaging through email and SMS which works as a powerful weapon for audiences.
  • Bears a solid automation feature offering an automation builder that many other ESPs lack.
  • Quite simple and clear to use with incredibly helpful and perfect storage of previous campaigns for use as a template. Helps in guiding available online from the active campaign.

Mailer Lite

  • In addition to the drag and drop editor, it also provides custom HTML editor for the customers.
  • Bears specific integration to help authors make the most of their email marketing to help ESP work for needs.
  • It is available at an affordable price and has strict limitations that prohibit them from executing their email marketing strategy.
  • The best tool for email marketing and is quite striking and friendly with good integration with the third-party tools to make perfect feedback.


  • It helps with just integrations that need and does a good job to help customers set up their integrations upon first logging to the product.
  • It helps with a tailored focus which is probably helpful. If you are sending a large volume of emails like newsletters it is going to be the best tool.


  • This is one of the eminent ESP focusing on eCommerce DRM functionality opposing to devote itself solely to email marketing.
  • Helps with optimizing the customer’s journey across channels.
  • Utilized with sources for understanding buyer’s behavior from “inbox” to “Instagram” as they say on their site.


  • Permits designers, developers, and marketers to get together into the app to design and send transactional emails.
  • Built with more specifically for developers being launched drag and drop tools to allow nontechnical email marketers to send basic newsletters and create simple automation like welcomes.
  • Offers with free plans which allow customers to send more than 12,000 a month. This can be a perfect replacement for MailChimp’s free plan depending on needs and sophistication.

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