Why are you losing money without an email Signature?

Have you ever thought of the importance of an email signature? Indeed, it is something that is always there for a businessperson, dangling at the end of every email they send. It is a significant part of every message. But is there anything more you can mention in a signature rather than just say your name and wish the ‘best regards?’ If you want to use every possibility of earning money, you’ve come to the right place!

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How Can an Outstanding Email Signature Drag Customers’ Attention?

Just like anything you say or write, an email signature can be used for business. Go through your sent messages on Gmail or Outlook and count how many times you send emails per day, week, month. And now imagine that every single one can be a decently working ad!

Email Signature as a Promotional Banner

Leaving all the necessary information about your name and company aside, the signature you use can also make people interested in your product or service, or, perhaps, your own self. If you make it look like an actual banner and add your photo, addressees will 100% stop at least for a second to look at it. And this second can make a huge difference!

Mention something about your product. Why is it good and better than anything else? How can you help your leads? Alternatively, you can put some info about the upcoming events or discounts your company has. Actually, everything that gets people involved works just fine. You only need to make sure the design is quite appealing.

Creative Email Signature Design Is Eye-Catching

The most important feature you want your email signature to possess is being extraordinarily interesting to look at. Some eye-catching but pleasant design always works like this. You should create a signature that contains both useful information and a neat representation of it.

There are some possible ways of making an email signature, aside from plain text. You might just add an image, but it will look differently on mobile devices and PCs. Plus, it’s somewhat difficult to implement any changes to it.

So, it would be a good idea to have an HTML signature. But then again, you would need to learn some coding or hire a new person to work with it. Thus, you might want to entrust making the design to a professional software tool.

Actually, there are some email signature generators that allow you to create and modify HTML  solutions. You don’t have to worry about formats or your signature being treated as spam as all the links and images will upload from servers.

For instance, NEWOLDSTAMP allows to create and modify your email signature for you and all your employees. You can add your photo and a specific banner to it, and all this stuff will work on particular platforms of your addressees.

More Social Links and Personal Info Help Access You Anytime

Let people know about you everywhere! Adding your profile links to an email signature helps to get more subscribers to your social channels. Some use Instagram while others might prefer a more professional way of communication like LinkedIn. Let your recipient have a choice. However, don’t overfill your signature with social icons. Choose 4-5 most relevant ones.

An Email Signature Must Be Professional

Although it is important to stay on the same level with your customers, make sure you look and sound professional, especially regarding your business field. It is pretty much true about your signature as well.

Your signature should be eye-catching and interesting, but don’t forget about adding actually useful stuff and making it trustworthy. It can take a lot of time to adjust all these features. Especially considering that you might want to mention up-to-date events with specific banners.

Email signature generators, like NEWOLDSTAMP, have huge databases of ready-made banners and essential designs that look both cool and smart.

Add Your Photo to Make a Signature Friendly

According to recent studies, adding a personal photo to a business card or an email signature increases the reply rate. And having any feedback is already lovely, as your emails won’t be forgotten or scrolled by. The thing is, when a person sees your face, they feel already connected and engaged.

What is more, some LinkedIn researchers claim that a photo with a smile on your face is a lot better for getting in touch than some serious business person expression.

How Can an Email Signature Increase Your Income?

All of the features mentioned above can lead to a huge success if consolidated. The main idea is to transform some boring text at the end of your message into a useful, exciting, and wanna-know-more email signature that will work for you and your company just like an actual ad.

Moreover, it is a cool idea to make similar email signatures for all of your employees. Every time they send a message, it works as an ad as well. You can never know what email will be sent to the right person who will give your company a huge profit. Thus, use every opportunity you can get.

Lastly, a professional email signature is like a luxury accessory of a modern business world. If you want your company to be associated with those who care about every aspect of their image and philosophy, creating signatures is actually a must. Most of the world’s giant corporations use them and get the most out of them.

Don’t hesitate to make a unique and outstanding way of showing off your abilities, features, and opportunities. Utilize email signatures and make them professional, so that they become a source of income, not a new expenditure.

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