Choosing The Right Material For Your New Kitchen Flooring

If a home were said to have a heart, it would be the kitchen. At some point, every member of the family spends time there, and it’s often the place they all gather, a hub where we meet, eat, and enjoy each other’s company. We spend a great deal of time in the kitchen, preparing our meals, cleaning up, and spending quality time together from morning coffee to dinner time. The physical space itself is designed for the kitchen’s specific needs, from countertops and cupboards to the kitchen sink, it all works together to feed and comfort us.

Kitchen Flooring

One of the most important components of a kitchen is its flooring, it takes quite a beating from foot traffic and spills, so it’s vital that it be sturdy, spill-proof and clean. At some point someone is going to drop a plate of spaghetti or knock over a glass of juice, leaving a sticky mess. When that happens, we just break out our trusty floor mop and get to work, it’s not so hard because the flooring is designed for that, it’s not like it’s shag carpet! Even so, over time the kitchen floor can develop cracks and become uneven, making it difficult to clean and uncomfortable on bare feet. When that happens it’s time to lay in some new flooring!

Although we might not think about them much, floors actually have a big impact on the look and feel of a space, and they must suit that space’s needs, so it’s essential to choose the right kind. A good kitchen flooring material has to have certain qualities to ensure it can withstand heavy use in a busy, and quite often, messy room. New flooring material for the kitchen remodelling should have the following features:

Water Resistance -This is non-negotiable for kitchen floors. They need to be waterproof, and water resistant just doesn’t cut it, so be careful whilst shopping. If you can’t keep the water from soaking in, mould and mildew will take hold, and the subfloor could become water-damaged. It’s impossible to keep your kitchen floor completely dry all of the time, especially when cooking and cleaning are going on, so choosing a waterproof flooring material is an absolute must.

Maintenance – Low maintenance is a big positive. No one has the time to perform a thorough cleaning of the kitchen floor daily, so choose an easy-to-clean, low-maintenance material.

Durability – The kitchen floor needs to be very durable. Be sure to choose a flooring material that isn’t going to crack, or shatter if a heavy pot accidentally drops on it.

Style – Flooring helps make the kitchen an attractive place to be, look for options that go with your kitchen’s colour scheme, theme, and aesthetic.

If you decide to go beyond the flooring and do a major remodel, be sure to check the guidelines the Australian government has set. Now, enjoy that new flooring, and try not to spill the spaghetti!



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