Balancing Your Home’s Humidity Levels in Singapore

Excessively humid air is terrible for your health, clothes, and surfaces. The extra moisture makes things sticky, and you have a hard time drying your clothes thoroughly. And with an 84% annual humidity level recorded in Singapore, you need a dehumidifier to fight odours, mold and mildew from your home. However, the dehumidifier you use on a whole house and in a specific room could be different. So, what are the guidelines for when you shop for dehumidifiers in Singapore?

Humidity Levels in Singapore

Guide to shop for Dehumidifier in Singapore

Before you can choose a dehumidifier for your house, here are a few factors to consider:

The Kind of dehumidifier you need

To answer this question, consider the humidity levels in your indoor space. An integrated home system would be better than individual dehumidifiers for each room if you need it for the whole house. However, a small portable device will do if you are only dealing with the humidity problem in one room.


Another feature to consider when you shop dehumidifiers in Singapore is their ease of maintenance. As stated before, the humidity levels in Singapore are no joke, and you need to keep your device in its best condition with maintenance. So, the easier it is to maintain, the better for you.

Which dehumidifier size is right for me?

Dehumidifiers come in three sizes, 30, 50 and 70 pints. The size you choose will depend on the square footage you want to reduce moisture. The size of your device also goes hand in hand with the level of humidity you are experiencing. So, you can use a 30-pint dehumidifier on a 1500 sq-ft. with moderate moisture and a 500sq—ft of excessive humidity levels.


This is a programmable humidity gauge you use to measure the amount of moisture in your room. You do not want to dry your air but instead have a certain level of humidity. The presence of a programmable hygrometer will make it easy to monitor and set your required indoor moisture content.

An automatic shut off on your dehumidifier would work well with the hygrometer to keep your indoor air quality at its best.

Is my dehumidifier mobile?

An integrated home system is different. But if you want a small dehumidifier to serve you as you move around the house, then it should be portable. Also, it should be easy to drain the collected water.

Noise control

A good dehumidifier works silently, without disrupting other sounds in your home. You don’t need to hear it working over your TV or a recording. It should be quieter than your AC.

What will I be using my dehumidifier for?

When you decide to shop for a dehumidifier in Singapore, it must be for a reason. This reason will guide your choice of device. The machine you use in a damp bathroom will be different from the one you use in your sitting area.

Final Remarks

Although your dehumidifier does not reach the cleaning levels of an air purifier, it offers a degree of cleaning that effectively improves your indoor air quality. And in Singapore, you will need one to avoid musty odours in your home. So, when you shop dehumidifiers in Singapore, keep an eye on the device’s capabilities, specifications and features for the best value for your investment.

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