Kawasaki ZX 10R Reflashed Ecu Attack Rearsets Akrapovic Exhaust And More Literbike Mods

There’s no doubt that motorcycle manufacturers create some of the most incredible and advanced vehicles on the market today. Even so, it often takes aftermarket parts to really make these machines shine.

The Kawasaki ZX 10R is an example of a fantastic bike that, with the right additions, can really stand out. More than just motorcycle light kits, these aftermarket products will take your ride to the next level.

OEM bike parts

The Aftermarket Benefit

Kawasaki knows what they’re doing when building a bike, but OEM bike parts and vehicle manufacturers tend to look at the product as a whole instead of focusing on individual components. Aftermarket producers, however, have the luxury to examine each component and tweak it to the best possible version of itself.

In addition, flashing the ECU from its stock setup will allow you to greatly increase horsepower while letting you tinker with those unseen calculations that improve performance. Just be as improperly flashing the ECU can make your bike unrideable.

Weight Management

The easiest way to gain some power from your bike is to lighten its load. While this seems obvious, many riders don’t realize that there are many motorcycle OEM parts that weigh more than aftermarket options. There are several ways you can reduce the weight of your bike including:

  • Smaller Battery: Investing in a lighter version can give you the same voltage while dropping the pounds.
  • Exhaust System: Aftermarket producers have fabricated excellent options for swapping out the stock exhaust, letting it lose significant weight while increasing horsepower at the same time.
  • Smaller Component Swap: Generally, replacing one small component won’t greatly reduce weight, but when changing out multiple parts for lighter ones the difference will quickly add up.

After you’ve lessened the load on your bike and flashed the ECU to let you control the major and minor engine operations, you’ll have a bike that superior to one off the lot. The next time you’re shopping online for some stylish motorcycle light kits, don’t forget to check out what other mods can keep your bike light on its wheels!

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