How to earn profits by investing in cryptocurrencies?

Are you thinking of different ways to earn money but don’t have any resources? While thinking of some ways to earn money, you must have definitely forgotten about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are growing at a rapid pace across the world, but people prefer them less because the government doesn’t back them. But cryptocurrencies provide some amazing and multiple ways to earn a great sum of money online. You can use the for trading bitcoins and making profits.

There are many different ways to earn profits with cryptocurrencies, and only some of them require investing in them, while some required user’s efforts and time. Let us now move forward and learn some best ways to get rich by investing in cryptocurrencies.

investing in cryptocurrencies

Buying and HODLing

Buying and HODLing bitcoin means investing in bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies for some time. This process of making profits by investing in cryptocurrencies comes in between trading and investing. The waiting time in buying and HODLing is not as short as trading and not as long as in investing. Users buy powerful cryptocurrencies and HODL them for period of time while expecting their price to increase at a good pace. HODLing cryptocurrencies mean holding them on dear life, and this doesn’t allow users to earn interest in their investments.


Staking refers to the method of investing in cryptocurrencies and gaining interest in them in the form of cryptocurrencies. If an investor wants to hold their cryptocurrencies for a period of time, they can take advantage of price appreciation. All the cryptocurrencies based on the proof-of-stake consensus method allow users to earn interest or income through the staking process. The other options that are good for staking include NAV Coin, WISE, Tezos, PIVX, DASH, and more.


Mining is the oldest method of making money with cryptocurrencies. Like gold is mined, cryptocurrencies are also mined, and instead of digging, it requires specialized computers to mine cryptocurrencies. Miners are the individuals that contribute to the bitcoin community. The miners do the task of verifying bitcoin transactions by solving mathematical problems. The problems can only be solved using high computing power.

The earlier mining process was quite profitable because there weren’t many requirements, and also, not many people were engaged in it. With the increase in the number of miners, the complexity of mathematical problems has increased, making the mining process difficult. Still, bitcoin mining can be profitable if you have the best processing power and you are located at a place where there are fewer electricity expenses.


Cryptocurrency trading means investing in cryptocurrencies for only a short period, expecting its price to increase and earn small profits. Crypto exchanges and trading platforms allow users to buy and trade cryptocurrencies. Traders can hold crypto tokens for some time and then sell them with an increase in bitcoin price. There are various types of trading methods, but most traders choose a day-trading method, which means closing the trade at night.

In day-trading, the traders invest money and close the trade at the end of the day by selling cryptocurrencies and either gaining profit or loss. The main difference between trading and investing is the time limit of holding cryptocurrencies.

Get salaried in cryptocurrency.

The increasing acceptance and popularity of cryptocurrencies have made many international companies pay salaries to their employees in cryptocurrencies. This is the best thing for employees who can’t afford to invest in cryptocurrencies whose prices are skyrocketing like Bitcoin. Crypto payments are first of all low-cost and are more secure than local currencies. not only this, but companies also find it easy and inexpensive to pay their workers that are working remotely and are freelancing instead of providing them cash.

It doesn’t matter from which profession you are; you can ask your company to pay your salary in cryptocurrencies for the services that you have provided.


Referral programs of cryptocurrencies are one of the best ways to make profits through cryptocurrencies. A referral is one of those methods to earn cryptocurrencies where users aren’t required to invest any amount of money. Various websites provide their user’s unique links of referral, and users are required to share that referral link and start earning through it.

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