To Do or Not: Uncovering Fallacies about Instagram Marketing

In its 10th year, the photo-posting platform, Instagram has a whopping 1 billion active users, which makes it the 6th most popular app in the world, after Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, and WeChat.

Out of the total active users, 500 million utilize Instagram Stories every day. Around one-third of the most-viewed stories on Instagram are from businesses. Where there are users galore, without doubt, marketers will come flocking like moths to a flame.

Even though Instagram gives an advertising reach of 849.3M users many businesses and people mistakenly think that Instagram is an ineffective advertising platform and does not offer much opportunity for conversion as its traffic is not targeted.

Many also believe that Instagram’s features are not conducive to rigorous marketing efforts, but these allegations, insubstantial ones at that, stem from inexperience, frustrations, and lack of creativity in their own Instagram marketing endeavors.

Therefore, we are here to uncover Instagram marketing fallacies that prevent you from reaching your full marketing potential.

1. Instagram Does not Work for Service-based Businesses

If you think that your business ought to have a tangible product for it to be marketed and shown on the photo-dominated network, you have yet to brainstorm creative ideas for your marketing campaign.

There is so much you can do to market your services such as Mediacom Internet. You can write testimonials, conduct influencer marketing, give out freebies, hold games, contests, user-generated content, and also utilize memes.

Hubspot is a platform that offers digital services only. If you look at its Instagram account, you would see that it keeps posting useful tidbits for its target audience. It even allow its followers to ask questions from a pro in their stories via Instagram’s question sticker, and its well-versed employees answer them back in stories.

2. Only Pro Photos Takes You Off

It is not easy to out on a platform where consumers and businesses alike aim to share their best photos. Many assume that to capture eye-catching photos, they ought to hire a professional photographer or use a professional camera for that matter because a smartphone is no good.

That’s completely untrue. Thousands of businesses have succeeded with their Instagram strategy without hiring a professional and expensive photographer.

You need to be creative and smart about the pictures you post, even if they are taken from your smartphone. Post content that your followers could relate to and would love to devour; the DSLR level quality really would be of no consequences if you are not creative with your strategy.

No Way Of Measuring Performance

Many mistake that Instagram does not have a proper marketing performance measuring mechanism when in fact Instagram has its own built-in analytics for you to view your audience demographics, their likes, comments, and interactions with your posts.

However, to access that you need to have the Instagram business profile. If you have recently converted your account to business, you would only be able to access data on recent activities and not the older ones.

Unfortunately, Instagram analytics is quite limited with its functionality, but the good news is there are a number of tools such as Hootsuite Analytics, Keyhole, Union Metrics, Iconosquare, and HypeAuditor that help you explore and analyze your Instagram performance thoroughly.

Small Accounts Cannot Compete With Big Ones

You don’t require a ginormous number of followers or a popular brand’s endorsement to be popular and effective in reaching your targeted audience on Instagram. Instagram’s algorithm makes it easier for you to reach your target audience as it looks for accounts that would be interested in your content. The algorithm keeps changing all the time so we recommend you work to stay ahead in your content game, create engaging posts that foster a relationship between you and your followers.

There are a number of techniques you could go about:

  • Post-user-generated content
  • Create contests to increase engagement
  • Utilize appealing aesthetics particularly preferred by your targeted demographics
  • Demonstrate the usage of your product or new and different ways your product could be useful
  • Post about impact of your product and service in daily lives
  • Tell a story, particularly the one that is relatable to your audience
  • Repost Instagram content from different brands in your niche (don’t forget to give credit and add mentions. Moreover, ask for permission before repost).
  • Insert relevant hashtags liberally.

Key Takeaway

How successfully you market your product, whether tangible or intangible, solely depends on your capabilities as a marketer rather than the tools and features of a platform.

Sure, additional tools, analytics, all the frills and fancies really contribute towards the success of your marketing campaign, however, complete reliance over them is unnecessary.

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