10 Ways to Increase Donor Participation in Your Fundraiser

Whatever the cause be, planning a successful fundraiser demands a lot of time, effort, and strategy. And all of it leads to two primary goals – acquiring donors and retaining them. Although most of us have fallen into situations where organising a fundraiser would help, whether it is for a personal or public cause, even the first and foremost act of asking for help from another becomes unnerving.

Then comes the added pressure, if you’d be able to get enough people invested in your cause. And even if you do end up getting a handful of donor participation, can you retain them for your future ventures? Well to help with your worries, here below you’ll find 10 ways to help you with donor participation in fundraisers.


1. Come Up with Multiple Ways for Donation

You can always make your fundraisers more interesting by arranging for ways to tweak your donors’ interests. For instance, hosting auctions, games, raffles, or events where they can procure ways to win small prizes or tokens.

Brainstorm innovative ideas to make the giving opportunities more interesting for your donors. You can also make this a marketing initiative, by making the tokens branded merchandise that they can use, and can also help you get your name out there, bringing in more donors.

2. Build an Active Social Media Presence

The target crowd in the virtual world can be much more vast. And you can get supporters for your cause much more efficiently if you build a strong interactive online presence. Organise regular games and issue social media challenges which can help increase engagement. Host lives, organise in-theme virtual events, host small giveaways and regularly interact with your audience.

People interested in your cause will be encouraged to share the information with their known crowd, and this way your participation increases. Moreover, you can post about your physical fundraisers and get more and more people invested, by coming up with strategies to have your event trending. This way will also help bring in a more loyal crowd.

3. Target Vital Donors

Repeated research reveals that relying on small and medium donations never really pans out in the long term for fundraisers. Moreover, households with average incomes do not tend to invest as much as the big-time donors. Studies also show that donations from major donors have increased by thrice.

Thus, dedicating your time to drawing in major donors and consistently engaging with them, updating them on your events, and building a strong bond with them will make them consistent donors for your fundraisers. And as the pattern goes once they’re invested, they will stick by you, if only you maintain a similar personalised rapport.

4. Elevate it to an Emotional Level with Story-Telling

Honest donors are barely ever moved by a cause unless they are affected by the cause at an emotional level. Fundraisers are the best occasion, for you to interact with the crowd and personally share your stories about your cause. Encourage speakers to share with the crowd their personal stories which got them invested.

Make sure that your story gets out, but at the same time, the connection is two-way, and you too hear out your guests. The holistic environment will move more people, encouraging them into making donations.

5. Display Your  Progress and Impact

To convince donors of your cause, you need to show them that the money they’ll provide will help on a larger scale. The bigger the impact area, the more people are drawn in. Even if you do start small, showcase your progress until now, your organization’s journey, and every measure that has been undertaken to help the movement.

6. Explore Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

This is a method where you encourage your already acquired donors to create profiles of their own and attain their donations that can be further driven into your cause. This helps in branching out the source from one-to-many, increasing donor participation impressively.

This method works when you reach out to individual donors, who then reach out to their friends and family or create a page of their own to drive in donations, which they can forward to your fundraiser. This also helps you in attaining a larger audience much more effectively.

7. Involve Your Donors in Post-Fundraising Events

Follow up with your acquired donors and post the fundraiser. Keep in touch with them and get them involved in every aspect of the movement. This will drive them to become more dedicated to your movement, and also help your cause by increasing the number of hands.

Ask them to become volunteers, join your follow-up events, and show them that you truly care for their participation at an individual level.

8. Emphasise the Urgency

Often people tend to delay the donation process by promising to donate later and then never really end up keeping their end of the commitment. Giving them reminders without coming off too pushy, might help. Establish the urgency of the fundraiser so that you don’t end up losing potential donors.

9. Be Transparent in Your Methods

People are often wary about donating because they worry whether tier money is going to the right hands. You can help increase donor participation by becoming transparent in your ways, showing them exactly how the money gets used. Draw out drafts and statistics, show them concrete results of donor giving and that’ll in turn help you retain donors.

10. Follow Up with Thank You Notes and Gifts

Another great way to ensure increased donor participation is by making sure to follow up post the events and fundraisers. The personalised approach will not only impress the donors but leave a good impression, which encourages them to stay in tune with your events and fundraisers. They might also go on to recommend your organisation to their close ones. And it can all start with simply a thank you note and a gift.


Hope this helps you gain more and more donors to help you in your impactful journey. Make sure to keep enough time aside to plan out your events elaborately, and brainstorm more creative ways to offer your donors and potential donors a more unique experience.

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