How to Design The Home Gym Space: 5 Extraordinary ideas!

Did you know that people who don’t exercise regularly can lose up to 80% muscle strength by the age of 80? To avoid this, you must exercise regularly. The reason why Home-gym is gaining popularity by the day.

Home gyms are quite practical as they save plenty of time and allow you to be quite flexible with your routine. Your home gym should be designed in a way that inspires you to work out consistently. Here are some ideas that will help you do just that:

Home Gym

1. Choose Colors That’ll Boost Your Energy

Colors have a massive impact on our mood. Warm colors will give us a sense of comfort and will tend to make you more relaxed. They are, therefore, not optimal for gyms where you need to be charged up. A shade of white is the best choice you can go with.

A coat of bright white paint generally tends to infuse people with energy. That is something you’ll need quite a lot if you wish to stay consistent with your exercise. You can add in some splashes of different colors that you personally find energizing. Doing so will help make the space look more cheerful.

2. Organize the Space Smartly

Home gyms usually don’t have a large space. You’ll probably put your home gym in the garage or some small room. You just need to make sure that the space is not too small.

Next, you need to place the equipment in a smart manner. When you buy gym equipment online, make sure to get things that are necessary for your workouts. Try to place the bigger equipment near the walls and keep a sufficient amount of space empty in the middle of the room. Add some storage units where you can store some lighter equipment.

Another thing you need to do is add a wall-length mirror. This is especially necessary if your gym is in a smaller room or garage. It’ll help the space look bigger. You’ll also be able to monitor your shape and avoid any injuries when working out.

3. Get the Lighting Right

The lights are as important as the paint that you choose. If the lighting is too dull, you won’t feel the necessary boost required for a good workout session.

On top of that, you won’t feel like going into your home gym because of the gloomy vibes. Make sure that you use strong lights that illuminate every corner of the room. It’ll give you an extra boost of energy.

Not just that, you will be able to avoid making any mistakes that can injure you. Generally, about 60-80 watts of LED lighting should provide you with the perfect ambiance you need for exercising.

4. Protect the Floor…and Your Joints

You probably don’t want to ruin the floors in your house with your workouts. And it’s not just about damaging the floor. You could cause serious injury to yourself by working out on hard surfaces like concrete.

These surfaces are not great at absorbing the impact when you move around on them. Thus, activities like jumping and running can hurt your legs. You could tear up your floor and replace it with a basket weave.

If you’re not too keen on so much extra work, you can place good-quality foam mats all over the room. With this, you’ll be able to avoid damaging the floor and reduce the risk of sprains and shin splints.

5. Install some Speakers!

There is absolutely no way that you’d love working out without energizing music playing throughout your home gym. Once you get the paint done and set up the equipment, you need to find a suitable space for installing a music system.

Try to use strong speakers that will manage to play at higher volumes. After setting up your sound system, all you need to do is play some music and begin your workout!

Over to you…

All of these ideas will help you in creating a home gym that is perfect for all your workout needs. So, don’t waste any time and set up your home gym to begin a healthy exercising habit!

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