3 Video Editing Techniques That Will Amaze the Viewer

Everyone’s attention is shifting to Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, or Instagram to knock their competitors out of the market. Social media may have started as a way to connect with friends. Today, it is a place to market your brand and products.

The most common method that most business operators employ to stay on top is using videos. Videos are used for entertainment, education, and marketing purposes, and the uniqueness of your production will make you stand out in the market. Therefore, you must have your video edited by a professional so that your clients remain engaged. In addition, a professional-looking video will help your brand grow quickly.

Video Editing

Top 3 Amazing Video Editing Techniques

As earlier pointed out, a video won’t enthrall on its own. You need to put all your clips together professionally. A well-edited video will leave your viewers craving more of your work. For your video to attract more traffic and appeal to viewers, you must employ the following techniques.

Cutaways and Inserts

Cutaways are short, necessary, and informative interruptions of a continuous clip. It is usually applied to insert a view of something else that relates to an ongoing action. Cutaways are like inserts, except that they play divergent roles.

This type of cut can also be useful in covering some unnecessary parts of the main scene. One can creatively apply this method to adjust the pace and allow the smooth joining of two separate clips or versions of the main action. Cutaways are always simple, lasting for a maximum of 10 seconds each.

Inserts, on the other hand, are just parts of the main action. These inserted sections may be shots from different angles or distances. They always give alternative views of the action in the main image. This editing technique majorly emphasizes particular aspects of interest.

Although these two techniques may appear similar in the mode of editing, there is a big difference between them. As opposed to cutaways, inserts are not about increasing a film’s time and space.

Smash Cuts

Smash cut is an editing technique where the action cuts from one scene to another for aesthetic, narrative, or demonstrative purposes. The motions linked by this creative technique must be contrasting. One can also apply a smash cut to build or release tension and deliver a hilarious punchline.

In addition, it efficiently relieves the audience after a shocking and emotionally destructive scene. For instance, in one scene, a character vows not to take a particular action. However, immediately, the video cuts to another where the person does exactly what they promised not to do.

Match Cuts

For an effective transition from one scene to a different one, filmmakers apply a match cut. This is a technique that uses the contents of one clip as a transition into the scene that follows.

Despite being in different scenes, objects in the cutaway must be of a similar size and position in the shots. The primary purpose of a match cut is to create visual coherence from the scenes which might have been shot from separate locations. Equally, it enables smooth transitions, creating a logical flow in the film as it links clips that alter the mood of a video. Furthermore, match cuts are especially useful for creating suspense.

Final Thoughts

A well-edited video is what every audience would expect. Therefore, you must strive to ensure that you piece your clips together in the most professional way. Employing the above-discussed video editing techniques will leave your viewers marveling at your work.

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