How To Be A Better Manager

If you are a manager you will have at least one, and perhaps more, staff members under you. They will need you to be the best manager you can be in order for them to not only enjoy their work but to also feel valued and to keep working hard and be productive. The success of the business relies on this to a large extent, so a manager’s job is extremely important, and needs to be done well. Here are some ways to be a better manager and ensure everyone is working well.

How To Be A Better Manager

Be Flexible

The world is changing, and the world of work is having to change with it. More and more people require a flexibleworking schedule, and working from 9 am until 5 pm from Monday to Friday is often no longer possible.

If you can offer any kind of reduced hours or flexible working, this will help people greatly, and make them much happier in their jobs. They will be able to fully concentrate on the task they are meant to be carrying out rather than feeling resentful because they are missing an important family event, or because they are worried about getting somewhere else in time after work is finished.

Flexible working schedules – which might include home working – can benefit the business and the staff involved, and the idea shouldn’t be dismissed without carefully thinking about the possible options first.

Give Rewards

If you can give rewards to employees who have done a particularly good job, showing them that you appreciate their work and what they are doing for your business (or the business you both work for) will go a long way. They will know that what they are doing is useful, and that they are being noticed. This will make them want to work even harder in order to garner more praise.

The rewards themselves don’t have to be hugely expensive, and it will depend on the budget of the business and the kind of work that has been done as to what you want to give. Anything from extra vacation days, to Donatos coupons for a meal out somewhere, to an employee of the month certificate, could be ideal, depending on your business and how it is run.

Be Fun and Fair

Although, of course, plenty of hard work needs to be carried out in any business, that doesn’t mean it can’t also be fun, and a manager can certainly inject fun elements into the workplace without production being compromised. This goes hand in hand with being fair and firm because if you choose to impose fewer boundaries, for example, in order to allow people to have more fun at work, you also need to ensure they are still doing what they are meant to be doing.

What kind of fun can be had at work? Again, it will depend on the kind of workplace you are in and what safety measures might be in place, but at the Facebook offices there are scooters to play on, for example, and some businesses have a weekly massage expert come to the office to help relieve stress.

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