How EcoFreek Is Saving The Earth One Knowledge At A Time

There is no denying that the earth is changing as time passes by. Natural disasters are hitting multiple parts of the world on a daily basis. Those who say otherwise are either too scared to admit it or are blinded by their privileged. Maybe, they are the ones who are reaping money off of these productions and practices that majorly affect the condition of our world – contributing to the severity of climate change.

According to a report, more than 70% or more than 1 trillion tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions on the planet have been caused by around 100 global industrial companies since 1988. The top contributors to global warming are mostly oil, gas, and energy companies. Furthermore, we humans add to these environmental problems through overpopulation and in patronizing these companies’ productions.

How EcoFreek Is Saving The Earth

Every day, the amount of waste people produce is getting out of hand. Even though we have been told over and over the significant actions that we should do, we tend to overlook the simplest and the most important things. A study has found that only 9% of plastic waste out of the 6.3 billion metric tons was recycled. It goes to show how irresponsible humans can get.

Enough of these causes, for now. What we should focus our attention on are those movements, organisations, and citizens who are continuously changing their actions and promoting the best attitude and practices that would benefit our environment. Fortunately, more and more of those movements are emerging and are taking action regarding these environmental concerns, and EcoFreek is one of them.

EcoFreek, an environmental conservation organisation, has recently started its advocacy. Their mission is “to inspire and educate people on living a carbon-free lifestyle…by educating them on biodegradable, reusable, and recyclable materials in the hope that we see a decrease in the amount of waste humans create”.

It is founded by Viktorija Zenkova, a woman who has been an advocate of changing our actions to benefit our environment for years now. What inspired her to create this life-changing movement started in her childhood. As a young nature lover, she had observed that the people around her are beginning to care less about the environment – littering everywhere. The repercussions of these actions have become more evident to her as she starts to grow up and as she notices how once beautiful places are now deteriorating. It was during her adulthood and she traveled around the world when she decided to start doing her research, acquiring knowledge on how to save the earth and sharing them to others through workshops. However, she felt that what she’s doing is still inadequate, then, Viktorija thought of ways she could share her newfound knowledge with a broader audience. And so, EcoFreek was born.

EcoFreek has a website that contains a vast number and types of articles regarding small ways that people could do to contribute to saving the environment – accomplishing their mission to inspire and educate people. Viktorija herself writes and researches the articles that are published on the website, and she gatekeepers all the contents making sure that everything is accurate.

The articles are classified into three categories: Biodegradable, Recyclable, and Reusable.

Write Ups in the Biodegradable section are about the materials that are considered as such. They shed light on the truth about alternative materials that are said to be biodegradable like paper plates, plastic bags, etc. As we all know, biodegradable materials are those that can decompose or “break down by natural organisms”. All of these are on the website – every information you need about biodegradable matters and their impact on the planet. “11 Biodegradable Materials That Will Save The Planet”, “Biodegradable Toothbrush: The Better Version” and “Do Biodegradable Plastic Bags Help The Planet?” are only three of the many articles in the section.

 If you want to know more about recycling, then you should go over in the Recyclable section of the website. EcoFreek discusses there every significant knowledge that people should know about recycling and what they are doing wrong. It has been a massive issue to some and even greater confusion to many. EcoFreek is aiming to equip you with information about the ways on how to recycle electronics and the essential items that we should recycle. It just proves how EcoFreek can give the solution to the most common eco-problems.

The Reusable category, on the other hand, provides us with alternatives to our everyday items that are contributors to the environmental dilemma. Now that utilising reusable materials have been more encouraged than ever, EcoFreek’s articles regarding this couldn’t be more relevant. Here they teach us which household items should be reused, the top reusable water bottles in the market, and the importance of buying the right metal straws. These are only a few of the topics regarding reusables that EcoFreek has discussed on their website. With reusing, we can save more energy and reduce the non-biodegradable waste that is going into the landfills.

Fulfilling her goal to do something more significant for the environment, Viktorija also aims to donate 10% of the profits that EcoFreek would acquire to various charities that are also aiming in creating change and saving the planet.

With everything that EcoFreek is doing, we all should be inspired to do the same thing. They have already provided us with the knowledge, and all we have to do is implement them in our lives. EcoFreek believes that “small changes have big impacts” and those changes must come from us individuals. We should remember not to get intimidated and pressured by those who have entirely shifted their lives to a more sustainable and eco-friendly one because even then, they have started from small actions. And we could also achieve that as well. With our goal to better ourselves and in return, better our community, we will be able to spark the change that we need to provide our children and the next generation a beautiful and functioning planet. And EcoFreek is here to guide us one knowledge at a time.

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