How does a law firm get a featured snippet from Google?

The legal industry continues to be a very competitive one as many firms will compete for the same business in their local area. When a law firm is looking to find new clients, having a sound online marketing plan in place is very important. One way that a law firm can improve their visibility is by receiving featured snippets from Google.

What are Featured Snippets?

Many people in your local area that have legal needs will start their search by researching the topic on their own. When asking a direct question, Google will search local law firm websites to find the best answer to the question. They will then show the question and answer and list it at the top of the search results in the form of a featured snippet. This featured snippet can then be used by the asker to get more information and learn more about the firm asking the question.

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How to Get Featured Snippets

Featured snippets can clearly be advantageous as they help to ensure that you will show up higher on the search results page. From a potential client’s perspective, it can also make you seem like a local expert in this area of law. There are several tips to follow that can help you obtain more featured snippets.

Have a FAQ that Asks and Answers Common Questions

When you are looking to get more featured snippets, it is important that you have a section on your page that will answer various questions. Having a direct FAQ section will make it easy for the Google algorithm to find the specific question being asked and obtain your answer. You should have a list of questions that are most commonly asked and are relevant to your area of law. Having a concise and thoughtful response for each will help you win more of these snippets.

Help to Solve Problems

When you are going to answer a question on your website, it is also important that you help to solve their problem. Many legal questions can be answered quickly. However, giving additional guidance for steps that can be taken to have a problem resolved will also be helpful and result in higher search positioning.

Use Proper Formatting

When you are going to try and show up higher in results in any capacity, using the right formatting is very important. When you have proper formatting, it will improve your algorithm ranking and will also enhance the overall user and visitor experience. Some tips for this can include using properly coded headers, using professional font, and having your website organized. The proper formatting in the Q&A section will also help your answers turn into featured snippets.

Updated Regularly

One of the mistakes that people can make with a website for their law firm is that they fill it with quality content and never update it again. When this happens, you will slowly see your positioning start to decline and can even lose your featured snippets. Instead, you should strive to have your website updated with current information and new posts. Updated and refreshing your answers can also help them obtain higher positions and featured snippets.

Focus on a Quality Website

While aiming to get featured snippets is not necessarily the same thing as showing up higher in general search results with SEO and local SEO content, you should focus on having a quality website first. If your overall website does not rank well, it is less likely that you will earn featured snippets even if you give the best overall answer. Having quality SEO-rich content, minimizing bounce rate, and having plenty of quality backlinks will always help to improve your website positioning. It can also be a good idea to have multiple pages on your website for each service you provide and focus on having a website that will provide a good user experience when accessing it through the use of a mobile device.

Featured snippets are clearly a great way for a law firm to receive increased visibility and show up higher on search engine results pages. As obtaining these snippets can seem complicated, working with an experienced marketing firm can be very helpful. The team with Gladiator Law Marketing has helped countless law firms increase their marketing performance. Their strategies can include SEO, local SEO, and online marketing services that will help increase your visibility and overall reputation to ensure you show up as high as possible.

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