How Much Does It Cost to Sand and Stain a Hardwood Floor?

Hardwood floor should not be untreated. It must not have any type of mold, crack, and unwanted stain patches. So, customers have to do the floor sanding and staining. It depends on the age of the hardwood. New oak or maple wood floors don’t have to be drilled for scooping out chunks of wood which is worsened. Get the best estimate to finish the eco-friendly hardwood floor sanding/grinding. The cost of the floor sanding is varied.

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1. Calculate the Estimates on the Hardwood Floor Sanding/Staining

On an average basis, the hardwood floor sanding per square feet costs a homeowner around $5. However, people have to evaluate several factors which are connected with the hardwood flooring and maintenance cost. Timely floor refinishing must not be expensive.

2. Hardwood Floor Refinishing over Floor Replacement

Hardwood floors refinishing expenses are undoubtedly low in comparison to the floorboards replacement. There are different packages to do the floor abrasion, sanding and staining. Definitely, it is cheaper than the floor replacement.

3. Expenses Depend on Quality of Materials Used

The local wood refinishing materials are cost effective to design the whole floor including the full-scale sanding. The floor staining components must be used after the consultation with a team of hardwood floor installers. If it is much qualitative, flooring will be pricey. Only paintwork or floor staining is not required by you. Both sanding and then painting for floor fabrication must be included in the package. If you prefer the floor sanding on your own, it will be financially beneficial to you. However, experienced professional floor installers are more competent and versatile to wipe out variations to do the exact floor refurbishment with the paintwork. Certainly, the best company has top price lists for economical customers to finish the floor decoration at discounts. The old hardwood floor trimming is deep and experts have to apply different types of grits sandpapers to refinish the floors accurately. An approximate hardwood floor coating cost ranges from $1,072 to $2,374. However, if the damage to the floor is severe, naturally it will need homeowners to opt for the floor replacement. The sanding will not fill up the gaps in the event of the unrepairable fractures or voids in the hardwood floors. The floors replacing and modification estimates must be calculated. However, it is not cheap for you. For example, oil based polyurethane hardwood floor staining costs you $25 per gallon whereas water based polyurethane solution per gallon is $40.

4. Extensive Hardwood Floor Refinishing

In the matter of the full-fledged hardwood floor restoration, you have to cover the entire areas for repeated sanding. Well, when it is difficult to extend your hands to the corners of the floors for complete grinding, you must use the sophisticated machines for awesome floor sanding and cleaning. The prominent scratches and voids must be wiped out. At the same time, fillers must be qualitative to reshape the floors. For this reason, you have to modify your floor painting budget. Therefore, tackling extra hardwood floor sanding and painting expenses, you must create a good plan. Incomplete floor fabrication and paintwork must be bad. In the future, the floor will have more issues to make the floor maintenance more burdensome.

Finally, to stop faster aging of the hardwood floors, experts from Direct Flooring Online often instruct customers to do recurrent flood grinding. So, the budget will be heavy for a homeowner. Simultaneously, if there are a number of hardwood floors in your house for refinishing/staining, it will be time-consuming. Either you hire the individual hardwood installers or select the all-inclusive floor restoration service. In the long run, the budget on the hardwood floor décorincludes new changes because of the recent price rise to buy the new floor staining materials.

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