A+ Surprises: Top 10 Gift Ideas for College Students

Do you have a favorite college student in your life? Are you wondering about gift ideas for college students?

Choosing Christmas gifts for students can be tricky. You may not be aware of all the latest trends and styles, and don’t want to look foolish by choosing the wrong idea.

Yet certain classics make great Christmas gift ideas.

Here are some stocking-worthy suggestions for that special student in your life.

Gift Ideas for College Students

1. An Electric Kettle

Nothing makes a dorm room feel like home like a plug-in kettle. Hard-working paper writers can keep the instant coffee brewing all night long, as well as tea and hot cocoa when they need a break.

If your little student is busy and needs to eat a quick meal on the go, they can make lots of instant meals like noodles or rice in their dorm room. If they’re looking for a quick breakfast, instant oatmeal and boiled eggs can give them a little nourishment if they wake up late for class.

2. A New Laptop

Many college students live on their laptops. These days, they provide them with so much more than a way to write a paper. Many profs are giving online classes and web-based assignments that require an efficient machine.

Gone are the days of the paper-and-pencil only note-taker. Electronic note-taking is much faster and more flexible. It also gives students an automatic way to keep their information organized and prevent it from ever getting lost.

Laptops provide your little learner with a flexible way to work. If their dorm room is too noisy, they can head down the hall to the lounge or head over to the library and work away in peace and quiet.

Look for Black Friday or cyber monday laptop deals to get a great holiday treat for the college student in your life.

It’s guaranteed that they will spend plenty of time on it, making it well worth the investment!

3. A Stylish Backpack

Even with many schools transitioning away from heavy textbooks, college students will still need to get from building to building with their laptops, possibly even in chilly weather.

It’s hard to go wrong with a sturdy backpack. Today’s styles have separate compartments for writing tools, styluses, a wallet, and even a change of clothes. You can also buy a separate power pack to charge your phone through a USB port.

4. An Instant Pot

Your college student may be over the food in your local cafeteria, or maybe they’re worried about germs spreading with new virus developments. Or they could simply enjoy making healthy meals like a responsible adult.

Today’s instant pots can whip up quick and easy staples such as rice, hard-boiled eggs, or noodles. Yet you can also use them to create home-style comfort meals like steel-cut oats or homemade apple sauce.

The pressure cooker features of instant pots allow hungry kids to cook meals up fast. It raises the boiling point of water and traps the steam to seriously reduce cooking time.

Instant Pots can be used to sautee veggies, stir-fry chicken, or even bake a cake. Your college kid will relish in the opportunity to provide a little home-cooked comfort to everyone on the floor.

Instant pots are no longer the sizeable investment they used to be. Check your local box store for great prices on college-friendly models.

5. LED String Lights

Your college student may be looking for a way to bring a little cheer into a dingy room, especially during the holidays.

LED string lights are inexpensive, environmentally friendly, and available in any color you’re looking for. LED lights also use less wattage and won’t cost your kids’ college a mint in electricity bills.

LED lights are quite durable, so they’ll last even if your college student keeps them on all night. You can find them online or at your local big-box store.

6. A White Noise Machine

Let’s face it: getting enough sleep is critical in college. It helps kids to think more creatively and clearly and can also strengthen their memory. In addition, your youngster will be in a better mood and perform better throughout the day.

Sleep can also strengthen your student’s immune system and help them fight off illness and fatigue.

Yet sleep can be hard to come by in a dorm environment. Slamming doors, loud voices, and late-night crammers can really distract a student and keep them from getting the rest they need.

White noise machines are relatively inexpensive and easy to plugin anywhere. With sounds like crashing waves, soft rain, or chirping birds, your student will be able to drown out the outside world and drift into a peaceful sleep in a busy environment.

7. A New Set of Speakers

Today’s speakers are small and portable, and college students can’t get enough of them. Whether they’re hooking their phone up to get some music while they work or turning up the groove while hanging out with friends, it’s a great way for young people to enjoy one of their favorite pastimes.

Today’s Bluetooth speakers can get used outside or in, and they come in a variety of stylish designs. They can be purchased for a friendly price and also make a great stocking stuffer.

8. A Mini-Fridge

No college student and occasional novice chef would be able to complete their dorm outfit without a mini-fridge. They can use it to store fruits and veggies that will keep them nourished or drinks that can quench their thirst when they’re pulling an all-night study session.

Their very own mini-fridge is a great way to help your college student make the gradual transition into being responsible for their own meals. You can purchase them affordably and many home supply stores.

9. An Electronic Reading Device

If you’re looking to spend a little more money on your college student gift, consider purchasing an electronic reading device. These are a great way for your college student to indulge in a good book after everyone else has gone to sleep.

Your student can take as many books with her as she wants, even when she’s traveling, without the extra baggage. It’s also possible to eat and drink while reading electronically.

Electronic readers are a great way to encourage your student’s love of reading. It’s a habit she’ll continue to enjoy throughout her life.

10. An Adjustable Standing Desk

Today’s college students spend a lot of time researching, writing, and attending class on their laptops. That means they’re likely also spending the better part of their day sitting.

Too much sitting can cause lethargy, restlessness, and even weight gain in college kids. It can also increase their risks of health problems as they get older.

An adjustable standing desk allows kids to work standing up at least some of the time. This can increase their mood and energy levels. It may even boost productivity.

In addition, standing while working can make your student healthier and encourage them to keep exercising. If you’re looking for a great way to help your student stay energized and healthy, invest in an affordable standing desk.

Staying Connected With Your College Kid

If you’re the parent of a college student, you know how difficult it can be to stay bonded. Part of this is the natural separation that happens when your child develops their own interests and social circle. Yet you still wish to stay connected.

The holidays shouldn’t be the only time you’re catching up with your college student.

Some parents find that email is the way to touch base with their students. It’s free and works well if you’re looking for a quick check-in. These days, it’s also easy to send photos over emails.

Others choose to connect over conference or social media video calls. This gives you the convenience of seeing and hearing your child just like they are in the room. If you’re looking for non-verbal cues to let you know how your child is really doing, try to stay connected in this way.

By the time your child is in college, you’ll want to let them take the lead in terms of your communications. They may wish to reach out to you about their workload or a friend who’s stressing them out.

Make sure to listen and provide as much support as you can. If they want to call or send a text, respond in the same way so they don’t feel pressured or uncomfortable. Eventually, you’ll find a rhythm and routine that works for you both.

Gift Ideas For College Students

Finding the right gift ideas for college students doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With a little creativity and thoughtfulness, you could have your young adult well on their way toward a healthy, happy lifestyle.

Don’t stop getting savvy now. For more great purchasing ideas, read our blog today.

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