Exploring No Medical Exam Life Insurance Options

Traditional life insurance policies have been a standard for many years, but some potential customers find eligibility too limited and requirements too extensive. Rather than choose a policy that requires a medical appointment and health screening, there are now life insurance policies that waive these doctor’s appointments and conditions. This opens many possibilities for those seeking insurance, enough to suit almost any situation or lifestyle. You can review the most popular three options and look into your own no exam life insurance quotes today.

The options we explore for no medical exam life insurance include choices for different budgets and payout aspirations. None of them require a doctor’s appointment or medical exam to apply, and you can quickly learn what a company can offer you online. For example, Sproutt.com offers a quick survey to see real quotes for no exam life insurance. In the process, you may have to answer a few lifestyle questions to minimize the risk your application presents to the insurer. Sproutt takes these into consideration when quoting their best rates.


As you review the life insurance policy options later in this post, consider how essential life insurance is for the financial and life plan you cherish. It can already be a relief to learn that you won’t be disqualified from the start by a medical exam, and there are many insurers who offer these kinds of policies. That’s why, for this post, Sproutt’s life insurance policies stand as an example of some of the most competitive rates you should expect from the market.

Turn to the next section to discover what policy possibilities exist for you in the no exam life insurance world. When you see Sproutt’s rates and payout amounts, you’ll see that it can be quite an advantage to pick up one of these policies as an addition or as a first-time agreement.

Exploring No Medical Exam Life Insurance Options

Your No Medical Exam Life Insurance Policy Options

As with most insurers, you’ll see that they offer different levels or tiers of insurance that can accommodate the nature and size of the policy you want. Based on your budget, questionnaire responses, and payout amount goal, you can choose one of the three options below. There is something for everyone.

First Option

If you seek the simplest and most basic insurance to cover your life insurance goals, you can pick up a policy amount of $250,000 for as little as $60 per month considering you never have to submit the results of an exam and just answer a few lifestyle questions. One thing to note about this option is that advisors and insurers often suggest that your policy be more than 10 times your salary which is very possible for some. So, this first option is accessible, but may not be enough for some.

Second Option

Of course, the middle road is a popular choice, and Sproutt provides a moderate policy for a slightly higher premium and $500,000 in payouts and coverage. The rate is reasonable at $100 every month, and the policy will never expose your medical records or other information that may have canceled your chances with traditional insurance. You’ll also notice that you get more bang for your buck with this option, getting double the coverage amount of your first option for less than

Third Option

Of course, there is the third and final possibility that you have ambitious coverage goals and a family or beneficiaries who deserve the most peace of mind after a loss. You may have many people to name in your policy or simply the best intentions with a generous sum. In this case, the third option from Sproutt comes in handy and satisfies most potential policyholders. You can get a payout of $750,000 for beneficiaries with a premium of $150 per month. This size of policy presents the most savings for the dollar amount to be collected at the activation of the policy.

If you want those named in your policy to receive the most benefit and balm from this life insurance policy without medical exams, you may want to go with this third option which gives a generous sum for a highly competitive monthly rate and premium. You may also easily qualify for a policy like this better than with traditional because it doesn’t require an exam.

Get Sproutt for Your No Medical Exam Policy

Now that you are aware of the policy options available to you from insurers like Sproutt, you can clearly see that there is a ton of flexibility in insurance. And, you have probably also realized that the options you have will be based on your own unique life, goals, budget, and case. So, you can contact Sproutt to find out more about what those might be or to take their survey.

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