Every drop of water is valuable – Celebrating Water’s Day 22th March

Water has great importance in our life. From the beginning of the morning and sleeping at night, we use water in some form. Water Conservation Day is celebrated in the world today ie March 22. On this day people are encouraged to understand the importance of water and to save it. Let’s learn how to celebrate this day that the beginning.

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How did it start

The General Assembly of the United Nations decided to celebrate this day as World Water Day in 1993. To prevent the water being wasted in the world for the first time in 1992, it was added in Schedule 21 of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In order to further stimulate this program, celebrating this festival was started every year in 1993.

Why is this day celebrated

This day is celebrated to encourage activities of water from all the member countries of the United Nations. NGOs and NGOs are also involved in this for safe water conservation.

Do this in a way to protect water

1. Do not brush while opening dental fun or brush while brushing. It makes water near 33 liters in vain. Using water with mugs, only 1 liter of water is spent. You can save 32 liters of water a day from this.

2. About 100 or 150 liters of water is used while bathing with bathtub, fountain, and open tap. If the water is stopped by filling the bucket and bathing it, then a waste of water can be stopped for 70-80 liters.

3. People use 12 liters of water while shaving or washing their mouth. The reason is open tap. While doing these tasks, keeping water in a small bucket can save a lot of water.

4. If you are giving water to the plants, then use the bucket without using pipes. Instead of giving water to the plants in the sun, give water in the evening.

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