4 Signs That You Should Consider an Emotional Support Animal

Everyone experiences stress symptoms in their life, but when anxiety, depression, or other mental health conditions become a regular occurrence for you and disrupt your daily activities, it’s important to consider seeking ways to cope.

It is strongly encouraged to work with a mental health provider when working through these types of issues, and one thing that a mental health professional might recommend for you is considering an emotional support animal. Here are some signs that you might benefit from having an emotional support animal as a companion!

Emotional Support Animal

1. Your Mental Health is Suffering

Emotional support animals are meant to help someone with a mental health issue. This might include anxiety, depression, PTSD, OCD, etc. This is one of the qualifications to be eligible for an emotional support animal guide in your life because they provide people with such a source of comfort and peace. Please keep in mind that a mental health professional will need to diagnose you for you to be able to receive an emotional support animal letter.

2. Your Mental Health Regularly Impacts Your Daily Activities

If you often find yourself feeling depressed and lacking the necessary motivation to complete your daily tasks or too anxious to leave the house alone, then having an emotional support animal to accompany you through your life might help ease this burden! An emotional support animal may benefit you tremendously if you find yourself regularly finding life difficult due to your diagnosis.

3. You Sometimes Feel Extremely Lonely 

Getting through the symptoms of mental illness without the support system you need can be incredibly difficult. With an emotional support animal by your side, this can ease the feelings of loneliness and provide you with a source of unconditional love – while cooking, during exercise, wherever you may be. If you feel lonely often, having a loving cat or dog to cuddle with might be the ideal treatment!

4. Animals Help Ease Your Symptoms

Did you know that pets can help improve your mental health? If you feel a sense of calm and peace when you are around animals, then an emotional support animal by your side may help ease the symptoms of your mental health diagnosis.

In Summary

Mental health affects so many aspects of our lives. Of course, any mental health concerns or decisions regarding treatment should be discussed with a mental health professional. If you have a diagnosed mental health issue and the above sounds like you, an emotional support animal may help ease the burden! If you are experiencing mental health issues and are unsure if you suffer from a condition, speak with a professional to get the proper care.

If any of these sound like you and you feel that you are eligible to benefit from an emotional support animal, talk to your doctor to see if they agree! Even if an emotional support animal is not a good fit for you, your doctor can help you find the best way to manage your symptoms.

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