Electric VS Gas powdered Hedge Trimmers, which is best for your garden?

A house owner can get restless with the presence of an overgrown yard. Then what else do they do? Manually getting a hand on trimming the shrubs and bushes is not a good idea as it strains the body. Hence, this is the reason that the house owners go for the mechanical option. Many of them use lawn mowers for garden which will take time to complete the work. It does not take a long time to switch to an automatic hedge trimmer. The real struggle comes in when the individuals have to choose the kind of hedge trimmers they want to purchase. The first question which gets stuck in the buyer’s mind is whether to get their hands on a gas or an electric trimmer. Both of these models do have their own pluses and minus.

Electric VS Gas powdered Hedge Trimmers

The season of fall is considered to be one of the ideal times to pull the hedge trimmers out and use them. Hence, it becomes vital to have all the doubts and facts cleared before the season starts. To avoid confusion and help you with the decision, we have curated a definite difference between the gas and hedge trimmers. Here it is:

Electric Powered Hedge Trimmers: This category of trimmers usually arrives in two types of models, which are:

 A: Battery operated:

 B: Electric Version

This version of the battery-operated version trimmer comes up with a rechargeable battery. It allows the trimmer to be able to move freely in the entire house. On the other hand, an electric model of the trimmer does limit to move freely in the house as these electric trimmers will move as long as the power cord allows them to, which does not stretch much. However, in the case of the battery-operated models, these do not face the problem of the running of the charges.

While deciding on buying the kind of trimmer one wants, the next question which arises is of the cost. House owners who have yards of average size generally preferred to buy affordable electric hedge trimmers. Here is a brief list of features of the electronic version of the hedge trimmers:

Cost-Efficient: When compared with the gas-powered trimmers, the electric trimmers are far more cost-effective. The usual range of electric trimmers starts somewhere around $30 and goes up to $80, which depends on the model. Another factor to keep in mind while purchasing the electric trimmer is that the user will not have to spend an additional cost on buying the oil or gas to make the trimmer run.

Performance: This is one of the very crucial factors to consider while purchasing a hedge trimmer. The battery-operated or the electric trimmers are not as strong as the gas-powered units. It is because the electric trimmers have few strokes per minute, which determines the speed with which the blades move. A house owner with an average yard size will finally boil down for an electric trimmer.

Gas Powered Hedge Trimmers: Homeowners with larger yard size and landscapers generally tend to buy the gas-powered hedge trimmers. Here are some of the core features of the gas-powered hedge trimmers:

Maintenance: The regular maintenance of a gas-powered trimmer is generally very affordable and necessary. The supports of the trimmers typically means to the change the filters and carry out some other basic needs, but still, the user should refer to the owner’s manual for further reference. Generally, a gas-powered trimmer does require the need to winterize. The user should end up using all the gas before putting the trimmers away during the winters because gasoline, which sits idle for a few months, does become unstable. It leads the trimmer to get the malfunction, and sometimes, when the condition gets extreme, the trimmer can even catch fire.

Safety: In size and weight, the gas trimmers are generally more substantial and prominent as compared to the electric trimmers, and this ends up straining the body and making it difficult to work. Individuals who do not have the practice to work with gas trimmers cannot handle the excess power of these trimmers and find it challenging to control them or end up hurting themselves. Although, there are a few gas hedge trimmers that come with safety features loaded in them, which are lacking in a few electric trimmers. Mainly it is the tip guard that protects the saw’s tip from getting in contact with any of the body parts of the user, which eventually reduces the risk of getting hurt.

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