5 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Smoking E-Cigarette Liquid

Over the last five years, the consumption of wholesale e-juice has exploded in popularity. In fact, some recent studies estimate that as many as 55 million people have already made the switch by 2021. But why has it become so incredibly commonplace in just a few short years? There’s a huge variety of reasons to consider, but it’s proven to be a cost-effective, pleasant experience that you can enjoy in more places. Below, we take a look at five of the main reasons millions of people switch to it every year.

Smoking E-Cigarette Liquid

Save Cash

In many countries around the world, but especially in Australia and Canada buying packs of cigarettes regularly is simply too expensive for many people. Even if you roll your own tobacco, the price adds up incredibly fast. With the average cartridge of e cigarette liquid far cheaper than a pack of smokes and containing the same amount of nicotine as 20 cigarettes, the choice is pretty simple. If you swap to a smoking e-cigarette, you’ll almost certainly find more money in your pocket.

Reduce Chemical Intake

As normal cigarettes contain 7,000 harmful chemicals – and around 70 linked to cancer – swapping to e-cigarettes instead is a smart decision. While e-cigarettes aren’t exactly perfect, they provide a clear alternative for people wanting to cut down their intake of harmful substances. By shopping with a reputable e-cigarette retailer, you can also research the products and understand what you’re consuming.

No bad smells or ugly teeth

Most smokers truly don’t realise how much the smell permeates everything from their clothing to their car and their house. Fortunately, vape kit Canada is available in a range of flavours and scents. Although these are often sweet, they don’t have to be if you prefer something neutral. In fact, you can purchase flavourless and scentless liquid if you simply want to enjoy a nicotine hit. Meanwhile, e-cigarette liquid also has the added benefit of not staining your teeth.

Choose your flavour

On the topic of e-cigarette flavours, there are endless options to choose from no matter what kind of taste you prefer. While you can get flavoured tobacco, it often doesn’t create the same kind of incredible flavour hit that carefully tailored e-cigarette liquid does. Whether you prefer fruity flavours, classic candy or even something that mimics your favourite alcohol, many people have switched to e-cigarettes for this reason alone.

Reduce your nicotine strength

For those looking to cut down on cigarette smoking or quit entirely, many people have found e-cigs to be a remarkably useful tool. In part, this is because you can get e-cigarette liquid in a variety of nicotine strengths, helping you to gradually reduce your intake. Depending on your regular cigarette use, you can replace them with 18mg, 12mg or 6mg cartridges as you make your way down to zero.


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