Does LegalZoom Offer a Good Service to Start an LLC?

The first step when starting a business is to set up your brand and ensure legality. Several startups and small businesses depend on legal assistance online, like LegalZoom. However, with tons of insights about the service, is it really an excellent choice for LLC?

Does LegalZoom offer excellent service? What do previous customers think about their use? Is it worth paying for them or with a lawyer?


Is LegalZoom Worth It?

Reviews, recommendations, and unbiased insights help us weigh out options and provide a quick overview of the product or services we are eyeing for. Keep in mind that some services work correctly and seamlessly with others may offer a complete opposite of someone else. Like with many services available, no one shoe fits everyone—and LegalZoom is one good example.

You may have heard about tremendous and terrible feedback about this tool, which can stir up a few more disputes and online debate about whether to use the service or do it yourself. Lawyers that charge higher on various legal documents can say that you should stay away from the service. It will rip you off instantly.

Perhaps that’s right. But could also be wrong.

You need to check whether LegalZoom provides excellent and practical service to help you build your LLC business. You can first examine the benefits of using the tool before heading over to the Legal Zoom pricing plans and packages. After understanding the potential benefits and associated setbacks, you can easily decide whether you go or walk away.

A limited liability company or LLC is one of the most popular business structures for small businesses. It is also ideal for any entrepreneur who wants to protect their assets, whether you plan to use LegalZoom’s service or not. Remember that you’ll still need to prepare various yet essential documentation.

The worth of the service varies per individual preference, business needs, or documentation needed.

Is The Service Ideal For LLC?

LegalZoom always rings a bell for new entrepreneurs that want to start their LLC. LegalZoom is a digital legal service that offers a built-in all-in-one shop to assist all your business’ legal requirements.

Businesses using the service pay an affordable rate on all types of legal documentation. It also offers the following:

  • It provides and develops customized legal documents that come with e-signature technology.
  • It gives first-hand lawyer consultations from account analysis, document reviews, and more.
  • It helps in registering trademarks, patents, and copyrights.
  • It creates living wills, estate plans, and trusts.

LegalZoom is created to assist small startup businesses with limited budgets to hire in-house lawyers and counsel for their business.

Why Should You Use LegalZoom

While LegalZoom offers convenience and a pretty straightforward approach with limited liability company build-up, it’s best to understand what’s in store for you.

Here’s a quick overview of its benefits and setbacks to help you decide whether it’s ideal for your needs or not.


  • Tons of successful records

It claims a massive number of successful stories from businesses and consumers. It has tons of experts that understand the process and ensures a seamless LLC business formation via filing relevant documents for processing.

  • It offers an easy process.

LegalZoom offers a total hands-off procedure for newcomers and entrepreneurs who don’t know LLC methods and techniques. You only need to provide the necessary information and then focus on growing your business. They will work in the background to ensure optimum business welfare.

  • The business-advisory plan

If you want to have instant access to a lawyer, this plan is best suitable for you. It’s an affordable subscription that includes tax advice, document review, phone consultations, yearly business evaluations, etc.

  • Guaranteed 60-day refund

They offer the most extended money refund procedure, among other services with the LLC business structure. With their anytime cancellation of membership and prorated money-back policy.


  • It’s expensive for startup businesses.

While you may have heard about LegalZoom’s other customer feedback ripping off your funds, that varies on the business size and budget limitations.

  • Issues with customer support

While the service offers multiple channels to cater to all requests and assistance, LegalZoom has quite a ‘poor’ customer reputation for some, especially individuals that believe that the service only stashes money on the client’s end.

They offer both phone and email support for every issue and those in need of customer assistance.

  • Subscription plan services

Several features may not be available on lower plans and may require you to go over the business package. Methods still vary per individual preference and needs.


Like any business solutions, tools, and software, LegalZoom can provide outstanding benefits and several setbacks. Nonetheless, it is created to simplify the complicated procedure of documenting a startup business and the need for a lawyer’s assistance. LegalZoom may perfectly fit and simplify the workloads for someone and may have an opposite effect on someone else.

By determining your business needs and preference, you can quickly identify whether the service is of fair use to leverage your business or not.

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